January 2007

It can happen anytime, anywhere — when you’re alone, with others, at home, in public, even awakening you from a sound sleep. Suddenly, your heart begins to race, your face flushes and you experience shortness of breath. You feel dizzy, nauseated and out of control. Some people even feel like they’re dying. You may have […]

Atherosclerosis is the hardening and narrowing of the arteries. It is caused by the slow buildup of plaque on the inside of walls of the arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to other parts of the body. Plaque is made up of fat, cholesterol, calcium, and other substances found […]

By Dr. Harvey Finkel Researchers have found that moderate drinkers live longer than either abstainers or heavy drinkers. The mortality rates of these studies generally follow a U-shaped curve, with abstainers at one end and heavy drinkers (more than 3 a day) at the other. In the middle are drinkers that consume approximately 1 drink […]

What is sushi? Sushi began as a method of preserving fish centuries ago and has evolved into an artful, unique dining experience. In its earliest form, dried fish was placed between two pieces of vinegared rice as a way of making it last. Later, the nori (seaweed) was added as a way to prevent people’s […]

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) When you’re in a rush to meet work, school, family, or household responsibilities, do you cut back on your sleep? Like many people, you might think that sleep is merely a “down time” when the brain shuts off and the body rests. Think again. What Is Sleep? Sleep […]

By Dr. Philp Norrie, MBBS, MSc, MSocSs (Hons) Ever since Serge Reynaud’s ‘French Paradox’ paper was published in The Lancet in 1991 wine consumers have had the mind set that only red wine is good for them. This article will show that it does not matter whether the wine is white or red as long […]

Here are 3 Chia Seed Recipes that anyone´ll find tasty and healthy, of course: Chia Seed Fruit Drink Serves: 10 / 11 Cups Ingredients: 1/4 cup of fresh lime or lemon juice (2 limes or 1 lemon, large) 1/4 to 1/2 cup of sugar OR 1/4 to 1/3 cup of Agave Nectar 1/4 to 1/3 […]

In these days of sadness and confusion, people often foget about the important things of life, and thus, they loose the abillity to distinguish good from evil. In this article you will find a path of light that will guide you to find the answer to one of the most intrincated questions: Do I have […]

Up to 90% of adult Americans consume caffeine every day. Most commonly, the caffeine is in coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate. This adds up to about 280 mg of caffeine per day, or the equivalent of about two cups of coffee. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, increasing the stress hormones in the blood […]

What Does Exfoliation Do? Exfoliation is the process by which the damaged, outer layer of the skin is removed. Most skin types can benefit from exfoliation, though skin type should be taken into account to find the exfoliant with the least amount of irritation. Even though irritation is a risk, exfoliation will actually improve skin […]

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