A.J. Daulerio and Eric Gillin, teaches how to elaborate soap with wastes of the traditional American breakfast (bacon and scrambled eggs).

You may not consider it as an actual chemical substance, but with 3 pounds of bacon and a little pacience you can make your own homemade soap. This article is useful and pleasant.

Soap elaboration with bacon

The traditional North American breakfast, bacon with eggs, is an excellent raw material for making soap.

The fat is good

This breakfast produces a valuable amount of fat, in addition to black bacon pieces. For that reason, it´s pointless to reject the surpluses: they are greasy and juicy!

For this experiment you need to gather aproximately ½ kilogram of fat, and keep it in a bottle.

Eternal return

Put the accumulated fat in a frying pan. Add an equivalent amount of water. Let it stand for 15 minutes with low heating. All the fat contaminants will go to the bottom, so you can obtain a clean soap. Let it cool, and put the frying pan in the refrigerator. Then, throw away the water and put the solid fat on a paper. Scrape the back of the fat to eliminate it´s contaminants or possible remainders of the breakfast.

Caution: Sodium hydroxide (lye) is a caustic product, and then, dangerous. Use gloves and eye protection.

Put 100 grams of sodium hydroxide in a container of slab or glass (this alkali attacks the metal). Add half liter of cold water slowly. Swirl without stopping with a wooden spoon. The solution will react with a little heat.

Mixture Process

Heat the fat (half kilogram) in a stainless steel pot. Swirl with the spoon in a single sense. Slowly, throw the solution of sodium hydroxide and water into the pot. Continue this process for around an hour. If the soap presents clothing, then you must warm up the mixture a little. Finally, overturn the soap in the molds (an ice bucket is useful). When the soap solidifies, the product is ready. Let it dry for 2-3 weeks before you use it.

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