Hi, yet again more tricks for dogs, enjoy.

Teaching “Circle Left” and “Circle Right”

Start by having your dog stand up facing you. Let him see a treat in your hand while you say, “Circle Left”. Lead the dog’s nose around to the left (clockwise) with the treat so he walks in a circle. When he comes back to where he was, facing you again, tell him waht a good dog he is and give him the treat.
Do the same when teaching “Circle Right”, but remember not to mix the orders or you´ll confuse your dog.
Once your dog is accostumed to the trick, try combining them, it will amuse everyone.

Teaching “Speak”

Choose a game that you play often with your dog, and that you know he really enjoys it, like catch with a ball, or hide and seek with a toy. Then get him excited by saying, “Let’s play! Want to play?” and show him the ball or toy. Jump and act silly so he barks and then say, “Good dog, speak!” Then play the game as his reward for learning “Speak”.
Be sure to teach him “Quiet” as an ensurance for a noisy behavour.

Teaching “Quiet”

This is easier if your dog already knows how to speak. Tell him to Speak or catch him when he is barking. You have to get right in front of him and say “Quiet”. The second he stops, even if it is to take a breath, give him a treat. You might want to hold your hand or palm in front of his face to add a visual signal. Practice playing ‘quiet’ often and your dog will be loving the word “Quiet”.
You can gradually increase the amount of time of the “quiet” state (2, 5 , 10 secs). Once he controls it, you can have fun mixing “talk” and “quiet”.

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