This article explains the origin of many components used for the manufacture of natural cosmetics.

Almond Oil

It is obtained by a process of cold pressure of the almonds.
This oil provides softening properties to the skin.
In its pure state, which can be acquired of great quality in specialized shops, it is ideal for massages, since it leaves the skin very soft hydrated. You could mix it with any other essential oil in order to obtain your own original homemade corporal oil (add 6 drops of essential oil to a spoonful of almond oil).
If you use it on dry hair, it will contribute to its nutrition, leaving your hair shiny and smooth.


Obtained by maceration. It is a powerful regenerator of the skin, ideal for very sensitive skins and for the children.
If you want to avoid dermal irritations and to hydrate the whole body, add the equivalent to one spoonful to the tub. You can also use it as a moisturizer after the bath.
Indicated for the dermatosis and frictions.

Hemp (Cannabis sativa)

Hemp oil is obtained by the first pressure in cold of the buds of the plant Cannabis Sativa. It is the richest oil in oily essential acids, with high percentages of E vitamin. It has moisturizing properties, reaffirmants and regenerating for the skin.
Hemp oil does not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the active substance that ispresent in the resin of the marijuana, so, it does not have any side effect.


When plants and its flowers are distilled to obtain its essential oil, they also produce distilled water. These distilled products are used in the natural cosmetic industry, because they contain all the properties of the plant.


Rose water is very refreshing for the skin, specially the eye zone (apply it with the aid of a cotton).
Rosemary water is natural tonic for the skins with wrinkles, contributes to the firmness of the skin.
Thyme water,acts as a powerful disinfectant for oily skins with acne. You can use it as a tonic.


Clay is used from the antiquity for its capacity of absorption of toxins and of skin regeneration.
You can find it in specialized commerces. It can be applied directly on the body and the face, once it is dry, remove it with water or the a natural distilled product.

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