The task of having a plain and happy life turns out to be easier with a healthy mind and body. There are simple and natural ways of achieving it.

In 1993, investigators of the University of Hawaii isolated the compound “scopoletin” of the noni fruit. This substance stimulates the production of nitric oxide, a gas that has innumerable functions in our body: it expands the blood vessels, which helps to normalize the arterial pressure, and to improve oxygenation, helps to prevent the action of free radicals, avoids premature coagulation of the blood, causers of cardiac and cerebral attacks; it stimulates the immunological system against bacteria, virus, cancerous cells; supports the linsulin blood levels in order to avoid diabetes and stimulates the secretion of growth hormone.
Scopoletina itself acts as a pressure lowerer agent, by expandin the blood vessels allowing blood to flow more rapidly.
Also, there has been verified that the Scopoletin kills a variety of bacterial species and it is considered to be responsible in the elimination of the mold Pythium sp.

Antiinflammatory and inhibiting properties have also been observed. These properties are associated with the numerous reports of successful treatments of arthritis and allergies with the noni juice. There has also been verified that the fruit contains analgesic properties.

Among Scopoletin we can find another chemical compound in this strange juice, the xeronin, a component present in the platelets of the human body, in walls of the digestive tract and in the brain.

The laboratory of the University of Hawaii in Manoa, studied the extracts of other eight medicinal plants and none had so forceful effect in the functioning to the xeronin receptor as noni juice.

The importance of which the juice of noni is fused with the serotonin can be seen by means of the examination of the function of the serotonin in the body. In the brain, serotonin acts as a neurotransmisor and as predecessor of the hormone melatonin.
It is believed that the serotonin plays an important role in activities such as the dream, the regulation of the temperature, hunger and sexual conduct. The lack of serotonin has been seen implied in several problems, even migraines, depression and up to Alzheimer’s disease.

Noni Juice Consumption

In adults, 30 milliliters half an hour before the breakfast and an hour before every food.
In children, 15 milliliters half an hour before the breakfast and an hour before every food.

From Horace Covas

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