“Having a low selfsteem is like driving across our life pulling up the hand brake”
Maxwell Maltz

Selfsteem plays a very important role in every aspect of your life. Have you found yourself, weather at work or in your personal life, in a situation where you felt completely disconcerted by the circumstances and could not thought or react adequately?.
Insecurity,lack of selfsteem and a poor concept of oneself are directly related to how we confront different situations in our life and, therefore, the degree of success that we achieve depending on the image that we project.
Probably – among other compliments – you say to yourself that you are not sufficiently handsome, that you are fat, stupid or just a freack, so it is not surprising that those who surround you perceive the negativity that you irradiate towards yourself.
On the contrary, there is always that workmate who seems to be always lucky and overwhelming, and he seems to solve any kind of problems easily. It appears that he is in control of his image and possess certain charm.

There are many factors that can affect our selfsteem, therefore, we have to understand them and try to analyze what is contributing to reduce it in order to facilitate a better understanding and auto-motivation in order to increase it.
Your identity is composed by several factors, such as your culture, language, family, education and moral values (among others). These are a part of your life, and some of them will have a bigger influence, but they all tell something about who you are.
The image you have of yourself is formed throughout the years across the different messages that you have received from those that surround you, and its interiorización creates your “autoimage” or, in other words, the idea that you have of yourself. This image is directly related to your levels of selfsteem and, if you are not completely sure of the quality of it, the following tips can help you:

  • Have you been praised or criticized by your parents/family, companions, teachers, friends or couple through your life?; this has helped to form not only your personality but your “self image” and therefore your current levels of selfesteem. The way you value yourself has a direct influence on the stat) of your selfsteem and the confidence that you possess in your person.
  • A trustworthy indicator of how solid your selfsteem is reflects in how you communicate with yourself and with the others. It doesn´t matter if your priorities are in the family, at work or in both places, learning how to influence the people that surrounds you in a positive way is indispensable since a low selfsteem influences negatively the quality of your personal and professional relations.

Unfortunately, a great percentage of adults and children have low levels of selfsteem; probably you are not completely conscious of the condition of yours and how it can affect different areas of your life, preventing your personal accomplishment and a happier life and with more successes.

“Nothing increases selfsteem and self confidence as success ” Thomas Carlyle

Trust yourself and your instincts, and identify what you can do to increase your levels of selfsteem in order to enjoy a more positive life.

“Trust yourself and you will know how to live ” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Alicia Monedero
Coach of Selfsteem and Yield

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