The production of solar energy with thermic applications – basically used for warn water systems – has experienced a rate of growth 10 times major that that of the global economy in the last five years.

This information appears in a report entitles: “The solar world heat: markets and contributions to the energetic supply in 2004”, published by the program of thermal energy of the International Agency of Energy (AIE).

Throughout 2004, thermal solar power managed to produce the equivalent to 58.117 GWh, avoiding the combustion of 9.300 million liters of oil and the emission of 25,4 million tons of CO2 to the atmosphere. The installed power of the solar set of thermal collectors in the world promoted 98,4 GW at the end of 2004.

Provisional information for 2005 indicates an energetic production equivalent to 68 GWh, being this amount only overcome by the wind energy production, inside the area of the renewable energies.

According to the report, China is the most dynamic market, with an average rate of annual growth, 1999-2004, of 25 %. The region composed by Australia and New Zealand comes secondly with 19 % and Europe with 13 %.

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