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Pay attention, these harmul products are still being sold through the Internet and are being applied in some beauty saloons. The presence of formaldehyde makes them harmful to health, provoking presentation of allergic attacks, ocular irritation, reddening and dermatitis.
Conventional hair smoothers are formulated on the basis of tioglicolic acid.

How to differentiate the conventional product of the formaldehyde formulated one?

Though the tioglicolic based have a particular smell, the ones prepared on the basis of formaldehyde possess a stronger and penetrating smell that turns out to be itchy and irritating. Also the method of application differs. The conventional ones needs to be neutralized after a time of exposure, step that demands posterior rinsing.
The method of employment of formaldehyde based products is characterized by the application of the mixture on the hair, accompanied by the simultaneous smoothening with brush, using heat, without the need for a later neutralization or rinsing.

It is indispensable that the consumers know that there exists national regulation that regulates everything relative to the inscription of cosmetic.
There you can find the lists that enumerate the substances of prohibited use, of use with limited concentration, the solar filters of allowed use, the conservatives and the colourings allowed to be used in cosmetic products. In the list of preserving for cosmetic use the formaldehyde appears with a concentration allowed of up to 0.1 % for its employment in products for the oral hygiene and to 0.2 % in other products.
In the list of substances of use with limited concentration the formaldehyde appears with a concentration not bigger than 5 % as nail stiffener.
Then, the use of formaldehyde as a hair smothener is totally prohibited.

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