by Chee Yoke Ling, Third World Network. (extracted from the article: “Which Energy“)

“One of the big changes this winter is that a large area of the Barents Sea has remained ice-free for the first time. This is part of Europe’s ‘back yard’.”Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University, the first Briton to monitor Arctic sea ice from nuclear submarines, was quoted in the 14 March 2006 issue of UK newspaper The Independent,
“Climate models did predict a retreat of sea ice in the Barents Sea but not for a few decades yet, so it is a sign that the changes that were predicted are indeed happening, but much faster than predicted.”
Meanwhile, huge chunks of Greenland’s glaciers are breaking up, raising fears that the melt waters will lead to drastic slowing, or even reversing of the Gulf Stream that keeps Western Europe in a temperate state.
Global warming is no longer fiction or prediction. It is happening and at a pace faster than expected. For the peoples of the South, the ecological and human devastation that will accompany climate change is simply unthinkable. At the heart of the crisis is the unfettered use of fossil fuels that has been powering unsustainable economic growth. Yet politicians and technocrats are unwilling, and at times, seem unable to take bold steps to deal with the climate change crisis, or the energy crisis, which is the other side of the same coin. In that vacuum and paralysis largely sustained by major corporate-interests, false and dangerous solutions, such as nuclear energy, are aggressively promoted. The growing enthusiasm for biofuels, similarly, is obscuring fundamental socio-economic, technical, and environmental problems that are urgently in need of public scrutiny and debate.

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