Split ends make us look sloppy, and you and I both now how much hard work we put in looking good.
Furthermore, with split ends it’s almost impossible to maintain that posh, sleek look we’ve learnt to love. Even the split end ponytail looks corny.
One of the most important things after getting a fresh haircut (all the split ends are gone, yeeeeah!) is to maintain that state. Here are some tips.

How to prevent split ends:

  • Brushing: should be a strict no-no, but if you have to do it, use brushes made of soft material, be gentle and never, never brush your hair when it’s wet, because it’s more fragile than when dry. Comb wet hair if you want to.
  • Colouring: Don’t do it more than once in a fortnight. Always use shampoos and conditioners that are specifically made for coloured and dry hair, because chemicals in colours dry your hair down and damage it.
  • Avoid chemical treatments: You should pause for at least two weeks between colouring / highlighting and giving your hair a perm or semi-permanent ironing.
  • Sleep like a true princess, on a silk (satin) pillow.: Not only does it feel good, but it also prevents tangling of hair.
  • Drying: Don’t use your blow-dryer every day, please. Every other should suffice for any hair do. Don’t towel-dry your hair too vigorously, a gentle drying will do as well.
  • Stop playing with your hair: Don’t. You don’t like to be stretched, twirled, and tugged either, so treat your hair the same. Also, always use coated rubber bands when making pony tails.

If you already got split ends…

  • Always condition your hair after shampooing: Try different shampoos and conditioners every time you buy new bottles, and try mixing one shampoo with some other label conditioner. Experiment, you’ll soon find the perfect mach for your hair.
  • Deep condition once a month: You can use any deep conditioner you like, or you can simply put some olive oil on your hair and leave it for 20 minutes. The important thing is to cover your head in plastic cap after you apply the conditioner and put on it a warm towel (soaked in hot water for example).
  • For quick fixes: just before an important meeting/date, you realise the split end disaster. Use a leave in conditioner in spray or cream and then blow-dry for a few minutes.
  • Trim: You should visit your hair stylist at least once every 6 – 8 weeks, to trim your hair. The word is, you have to cut it even if you’re growing it.

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