Did you ever look at a woman with long, shiny, luscious hair and wish yours was such? Although we all envy the owners of long hair, only few of us really try to grow it. Short hair is much simpler to handle, style and take care of.
But, once you start thinking about it, you’ll find out that it isn’t really that hard to achieve, so, lets give it a try with these helpful tips.

Long hair care tips:

  • The first step is to get a haircut, because you need to start with healthy hair, ready to grow. Ask your hairdresser to cut off all the damaged hair and to style it according to your goals. That means no short bangs.
  • Let your hair grow for a few months. At first you’ll be often unsatisfied with the way your hair looks. That’s usually why many women give it up and cut it the way it was. But don’t give up,bear with it, it’ll be worth the trouble.
  • You still have to trim your hair regularly, half an inch every four months at least.
  • Avoid using blow dryer, or hair iron, it’ll break and damage your hair.
  • After you wash your hair, tuck it in a towel and leave it that way for 20 minutes.
  • If you really must use the blow dryer, use it for only a few minutes at time, letting your hair cool off in between.
  • Say goodbye to peroxide and other damaging hair colours. Go for nature-based colours that protect your hair.
  • Never brush your hair when it’s wet. Brush your hair starting at ends, detangling gently piece-by-piece with your fingers first.
  • Once your hair has grown for a few inches, you can go to the hairdresser to style it more suitably. For instance, you can get layers by cutting a few locks shorter, which will make your hair appear fuller too.

While your hair is growing

Waiting for your hair to grow and dealing with outgrown style can be stressful. But stop worrying, here are some hairstyle suggestions:

  • Make a sweet ponytail and tame the stray hairs with some cool pins.
  • Change the parting of your hair, that can completely change the way you look and feel.
  • Flip your ends out and tuck bangs behind your ears.
  • Use some gel to sleek all of your hair down.
  • Put your hair up and safe it with a fair number of pins.
  • Curl only the ends and sleek down the rest of your hair.

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