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It is often spoken and written about renewable energies, taking as granted that biofuels will be the solution to the energetic problems of our times. Politicians are thinking of producing ethanol and biodiesel from plants, using costly and pollutant factories. The question is, why not giving the vegetables to the horses avoid the pollution?
I know, many people will already be thinking that it is a madness, but in fact, madness is to try to support and to increase our expense of energy increasing the pollution and raising the price of the food while we waste the only form of energy that is renewable, ecological, environmentally friendly, cheap, effective, easily available and that can be obtained locally in the whole world: Animal Traction, and not only for the rural zones, also for suburban and urban.
It is not a question of using old inappropriate carts for the functioning in the cities. Cars and wagons must be used, equipped with pneumatic wheels that do not destroy the asphalt and bearing of rulemans that greatly diminish the requirements of force of traction, with horses and mules in good conditions and not over demanded.
In the rural zones the same type of wagons must be used for the short freight joining farms, warehouses(deposits) and railroads and also animal traction in the agricultural tasks. More force of work will be needed in the field of the rural workers, which will generate additional working places, so necessary in these times. This way, the money will not be spend to to obtain fuels, machinery and supplies in other regions,and it will be able to be used in the local area (saddlers, blacksmiths, laborers, etc.).
Also, having in mind that animal forced devices are smaller than the combustion ones, allowing to move under the trees, facilitating the existence of small fruit farms, where they are more suitable and and cheaper than tractors.
Another consideration is that mechanical traction vehicles are produced in factories that require great amounts of energy and that are pollutants. On the other hand, mules are produced on the to mount, being an excellent alternative to being devastated in the production of soybean for biodiesel.

The possible uses of the animal traction are great and are proved for centuries of use, it will be necessary to modernize some equipments but we have the animals and the need of them, we just need to change the idea that the use of animals is out of date and associated with poverty, and  we will be able to cope with a great part of our energetic needs.
Remember, animal traction not THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR OUR ENERGY NEED, but it is profitable, and definitely a part of the solution.

From Emilio Andrés Bottini

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