Though the vast majority of anorexia sufferers we hear about are women, particularly young girls, boys and indeed men do suffer from the disease too.

In fact more and more men over the few years have been diagnosed as anorexic though it is thought that many men suffering do so in silence as a result of it being classified as a women’s disorder.

The disease is just the same in both men and women though there are differences in the long term effects it will have on the different sexes and men usually develop the illness later in life. There are certain aspects in the development of anorexia in men that are specific only to men, homosexuality for example and the cultural aspects and expectations homosexuality brings.

The man may hate the way is body looks and do anything to shed pounds in order to gain and maintain that slim waif like figure that is more commonly found in young women. Professions such as male modelling can also lead to anorexia for it can become a never ending battle with weight fluctuation when your career depends on it. Research has shown that dieting is the main trigger for setting off anorexia both in men and women.

Men developing anorexia are more likely also to develop activity anorexia than are women; they will begin to exercise to the extreme in the continual battle with anorexia. The physiological effects of anorexia are the same in men and women, the man too will develop the inner fear and conviction that he is overweight or fat.

To his loved ones and colleagues the reality is painfully obvious; the weight loss is excessive to the point of making him look ill. To the sufferer he is still the same; the amount of weight lost isn’t noticed, he doesn’t see the gauntness in his face when he looks into the mirror. He sees the same overweight person he was.

Treatment for men is less available than for women but it is there and only has to be sought after, friends and family play just as crucial a role in the recovery process and therapy can be taken. Depending on how far the disease has been allowed to go before admission of the problem hospitalization may become necessary at the start of treatment. A full recovery can be made by any man suffering from anorexia though the process is a long one and relapses are thought to be more common in men than women.

Source: Healthygenius

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