In this fast-changing world, sleep is becoming a “necessary evil”. It seems that a growing number of people would love to do without it. Everyone just wants to work more and party more, but no matter how much energy you seem to muster, you still need to get proper sleep at the end of the day.

Gone are the days when ancient doctors would recommend you to count countless sheep before bedtime. If you are suffering from chronic insomnia, then head to your physician for a quick check-up. Insomnia may root from both psychological and physiological malfunctions. Your doctor would recommend proper medication once you diagnosed with insomnia.

To give you a little overview on possible medications of insomnia, here’sthe popular list:


Valium is the controversial sleeping pill that is commonly prescribed for insomnia. Up until now, the uses of these sleeping pills are still a subject of debate since it is found to contain addictive properties. Patients who are taking Valium for a couple of days are observed to have independence from the pill once they stopped medication. Although much has been said about the negative side effects of Valium, its effectiveness remains uncompromised.


Antihistamine is commonly used as a sleeping aide. These over-the-counter- pills are also used in conjunction with diphenhydramine and pain relievers to give insomniacs an instant feeling of sleepiness. A 50mg capsule of this pill will definitely ake you stay asleep for hours. The only downside of this medication is the feeling of drowsiness and it can even cause blurred vision. The dizziness doesnt allow you to have a restful sleep, but it is an effective sleeping aide nonetheless.


Valerian is an herb common to Europe and Northern Asia. Supplements made from Valerian are effective sedatives. The difference between these herbal supplements and synthetic sedatives (like Valium, benzodiazepines, etc.) is that when you wake up the next day, you won’t feel like a train hit you. You’ll wake up totally refreshed and recharged.


Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal body in the brain. It affects other endocrine glands like the thyroid, adrenals, and the gonads. Synthesized as a supplement, it boasts of antioxidant properties aside from sleep promotion. The “hit” is gentle. Theres no heavy drowsy feeling, and it would help you achieve a complete night’s rest. You’ll sleep for as long as your body needs to.

Melatonin and Valerian are both found to be non-addictive. Although there may be sleeping aides that can be bought over-the-counter, never try to self-medicate. It is best to consult your doctor before taking in any pill. If you want to free yourself from insomnia the natural way, a balanced diet, proper exercise and serious discipline might simply do the trick.

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