The Phoneutria nigriventer spider

Beleive it or not, brazilian and US scientists are looking into using spider venom as a possible treatment for male impotence.

Investigations began in Brazil after reports that men who were bitten by the highly venomous brazilian wandering spider experienced priapism, or prolonged erections. Two years later, after a complete study, it was dicovered that the venom contains a toxin, called Tx2-6, responsible of the erections.
Further tests are being carried out in the US before the substance can be approved for human use. The results, from the Medical College of Georgia, are expected in a month’s time. The relevant toxin identified in the venom has been tested successfully on other animals.

The Brazilian and US researchers interviewed men who claimed their sex lives had improved after a spider attack. But not everything is happiness around this spider, The bite of Phoneutria nigriventer (this is it’s real name, but you can call it “spiagra”) is potent and can be deadly in some cases.

So far, scientists believe that combining a version of the spider’s venom with an existing drug for erectile dysfunction – such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra – could produce better results.

Could this be a cloaked attempt to boost spiderman’s popularity, specially now that the third movie has just been released?

Sources: bbc

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