How many lines do you have on your forehead now? You probably have 5 major lines and a few more less visible ones that is why you are reading this article. Stress occurs a lot for most Americans due to the fast pace environment we have. Stress can happen not only with our work but also in our own households. There are several methods on how to unload that big weight on your shoulder so you need not worry. Read on and get that new face lift and outlook lift you have been needing for years.

1. Try meditation –

It calms the mind and the spirit. There are classes who help you to meditate properly. You can try to join such classes or you can try reading books centered on meditation. The key to a good meditation is proper breathing. Inhale and exhale slowly focus only on your breathing. Forget your troubles first and just center on your breathing.

2. Yoga –

A very well known exercise program. Yoga is not the fast pace type of exercise which is why it is a very good de-stressor. Good meditation skills also help when one practices yoga. Don’t worry not all yoga positions involve back-breaking feats. Those types are for the professional and the more advance yoga practitioners.

3. Learn the art of laughter –

Oh yes! Remember the saying laugher is the best medicine? This is true. Happy people have less chances of getting sick most especially because emotions that are kept bottled up advance your chances to get heart attacks or other serious illnesses. A happy person’s secret? Real happiness and a better and positive outlook! Try a comedy movie marathon or go to a comedy bar, better yet meet up with your friends who are most of the time happy people.

4. Hypnosis –

Go to a professional psychiatrist for this. You don’t want to end up acting like a chicken because of your own doing, do you?

5. Get a new hobby or exercise –

For some people a good stress reliever is getting all sweaty. Some relaxes through jogging or a long walk in the park.

6. Music –

Do you work with no music? Why don’t you try with music? Good stress reducers are classical, chillout, jazz and bossanova genres. You will not be distracted because you don’t have to sing much lyrics but still be able to enjoy a good and upbeat tempo.

7. Release in paper –

Write it all! Express yourself through writing. If you even want other people to see it, try blogging. Just be careful with what you write specially if it is going to be published (blogging is considered as a publication).

8. Get a good shut-eye –

Yes you need to sleep well. You don’t your brain cells to fall one by one when you need them the most right? Rest and good amount of sleep is key to a more relaxed you.

9. Get an organizer –

For most people they are stressed because they are not organized. Mark your calendars, write what you need to buy, write what you need to do, list what you need to pay and most of all write how you want to treat yourself after all that hustle and bustle.

10. Enjoy sex –

For some, this will go a long way. Just make sure you are protected and you are doing it with the one you love. A secured sex life helps to ease the tension.

11. Get a massage –

Massages help release or that negative tension in the body. There are so many types of massages offered in the market today have one today.

12. Sing a song –

You know why a lot of Asians look younger than Caucasians? Because they love to sing. Try karaoke (videoke as it is more commonly called now). Singing elevates a person’s mood. It doesn’t matter if the notes in your symphony seem to wallow out on you. Just sing your heart out and enjoy!

13. Box it –

Throwing plates and saucers to the one causing your stress is past knowledge, now they have thought of a good plan to release those boxed up emotions?box it! Punching for some more physical people helps. This is way better than using those fists on the face of your aggressor right?

14. Smell good –

Aromatherapy is a very good way to soothe those very active nerves of yours. Studies show aromas helps to soothe by triggering the brain because it manipulates the brain chemistry. Try very subtle scents like chamomile, ocean or lavender. Citrus on the other hand elevates the mood. Perky is good too you know.

By Lee Dobbins, originally posted at

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