Red Wine, White Wine Counter Cavity-Causing Bacteria in Lab Tests

An italian study, from the University of Pavia, showed that red wine and white wine may fight bacteria that cause cavities, even with the alcohol removed.

The researchers studied two traditional italian wines, valpolicella (red) and pinot nero (white). The first step was the evaporation of the alcohol, in order to prevent it from interfering with their lab tests.
Then using test tubes, they marinated cavity-causing streptococcal bacteria in the wines. Both types of wine countered those bacteria and other streptococcal bacteria that cause some cases of throat infection.

PhD Gabriella Gazzani, the head researcher, underlined that red wine might have had more antibacterial properties than white wine, but that the fact wasn’t certain.


The researchers also isolated acids found in red wine and white wine and tested those acids against the same bacteria, specifically on S. mutans and S. pyogenes.
The results of this study showed that the isolated acids were more effective against the bacteria than the hole wines.
They concluded that while wine fights S.mutans and S. pyogenes, it also contains compounds that dilute those benefits, to some extent.

Now, before you start to empty some bottles of wines with the excuse of taking care of your healthy smile, have in mind that this was an in vitro study, and none of these activities has been proved in clinical trials with humans.

The study appears online in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

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