Being a former victim of an eating disorder I understand the fear of eating, the sudden binges, and the feeling of being completely out of control and lonely. Anyone actively suffering from binges must realize that it is not your fault, but rather due to a biochemical disturbance caused by a low caloric diet. While will-power may kill a binge, you must realize that the will-power begins with eating.

Cutting Calories

Most people interested in losing weight will drastically drop their calories and double up on their cardio. For some people 1500 calories a day is a decent number, for others this is extremely low. Individuals who drastically cut calories below 1500 or below their maintenance level frequently develop binging habits. At least half the individuals that regularly diet by slicing calories take active binges.

What is a Binge?

A binge is not necessarily a form of weakness or will-power, but is associated with an imbalance correlated with a low-caloric diet. Cutting calories below one’s BMR affects the thyroid. The body’s defense in correcting the imbalanced thyroid takes place through binges, which makes the thyroid active once again. After a binge, an excess amount of calories has been ingested and out of guilt and punishment the individual starves himself again. This type of behavior is a form of yo-yo dieting that leads to weight gain. By cutting caloies and then binging, the body is put into starvation defense mode which damages the metabolism and ultimately causes more fat storage.

How to Combat a Binge

To combat binges you need to learn how to take control over your eating habits. One way to do this is to just eat. Your body survives, functions, and thrives on the nutrients food contains. Therefore, eat several small balanced meals a day to give the body what it needs. Remember, a binge is not a sign of weakness, but a result of a disruption in the thyroid. Allow yourself the maintenance number of calories a day for your body to function.

Another way to combat a binge is to grant yourself a cheat day once a week to keep the thyroid and metabolism active and functioning properly. If you spend all week eating good with a set number of calories your body gets into a comfort zone. Taking a designated cheat day once a week to eat anything you want convinces your body that it is not starving and it sets the metabolism in motion again. Don’t let this designated cheat day get out of control or extend well over two to three days. Get back to balanced eating after a day of treating yourself.

Starving yourself will not result in weight loss but eating will. Please eat and take control of your life.

Source: Healthygenius

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