My name is Bob Cuddy. Originally I thought my problem was my neck muscles.
The pain would be in my arm, shoulder and chest. It turned out that my
problem was pain from a herniated neck disk. NO FUN! I suggest considering
acupuncture along with physical therapy before surgery. . It helped my
herniated neck disk. Also, at the risk of sounding like a spammer, consider
pillows I invented, the SquidFace and ComfyRest pillows, that alleviates my
disk problem when the pain reappears. Lying on my back or facedown it
corrects the herniation and alleviates the pain and the muscle tension. It
helps people with back pain also. It is strange but it works wonders.

These are two new, patented pillows recently available that aid in reducing
pain. As the inventor of the SquidFace and ComfyRest pillows, among the many
benefits of these pillows is better sleep due to pain reduction from these

I originally created these pillows to alleviate the pain from my herniated
disk while lying on my stomach in the sun with my head turned to the side to
breathe. These pillows enable me to lie facedown comfortably and breathe
without turning my head to the side. This goal accomplished, my wife and I
formed a company and began offering them to the public.

Customers started reporting back to me the surprising benefits they were
receiving from their new pillows. I realized that these pillows evolved into
tremendous pain relief pillows for neck, shoulder, upper and lower back
problems, sinus, migraine, ear pain, snoring and more. Stomach sleepers are
finding their backs feel better after using these pillows.

When my neck feels as if it is starting to herniate I will lie in a certain
position with my pillow supporting my head and neck. After a few hours I
will awaken and remove my new pillow, replace it with my regular bed pillow
and sleep the balance of the night pain free. It does correct my herniating

Hopefully in time we can help others alleviate some of their snoring and
their pain for better sleep.

To review these pillows please see They must be
experienced to be truly appreciated. Please do not prejudge them.

If you would like any additional information please call or write me.

Sincerely and Comfortably,
Bob Cuddy
Toll Free 877-282-6637
Comfort … Facedown … Anywhere!

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