Whether you are male or female, no matter what skin type you enjoy (or suffer), no matter what scents you like, there is a premium product just for you in the all natural line of personal care products from Save Your World™.

Pure organic ingredients such as organic aloe vera and shade-grown organic yerba maté make these products the best for all skin types…even very sensitive skin. Aloe soothes and replenishes your skin….the largest organ in your body. Yerba mate provides your skin with nourishment from nutrients and anti-oxidants.

Save Your Skin™ handmade soap containing moisturizing glycerin comes in three scintillating aromas derived from 100% pure essential oils. Our soap also contains hand picked organic loose leaf yerba maté sifted to an ultra fine size that will exfoliate your skin and leave it fresh and clean.

For added pleasure you can combine this treatment with our complementing natural shower gel. This amazing product can be used in place of soap, in conjunction with soap for the best results, and can even be used as shaving gel for any part of the body.

Save Your Hair™ products such as our shampoo and conditioner also contain all natural ingredients and our organic aloe vera and organic yerba maté. The pure natural ingredients that benefit your skin will also help protect your hair and leave a beautiful feel for all those who touch your hair.

Once you leave the shower, for the ultimate treatment, follow up with our natural body lotion. Also infused with pure organic yerba maté and pure organic aloe vera, this Save Your Skin™ indulgence will leave your skin feeling replenished and will help protect it from daily environmental stresses.

Save Your Rainforest™: One Product = One Acre of Rainforest Saved for One Year™

Saving the rainforest is exactly what you will be doing when you purchase any Save Your World™ product. Save Your Rainforest™ is the slogan upon which the company was founded. We wanted to make sure that you, the consumer, would realize a tangible benefit for every single purchase. That’s where we developed the slogan, “One Product = One Acre of Rainforest Saved for One Year™.”

Initially, we wanted to buy land. However, we found we could make a much more immediate and greater impact by leasing rainforest land and protecting it in its pristine state. We also found that by supporting the local communities of indigenous people we could reduce pressure on the land and its biodiversity of species. Protecting the habitat of threatened species makes it possible for them to rebuild their populations.

Another benefit was discovered when we found that our efforts were only one small voice in a crowd of others with different agendas. Just by doing this, just by leasing the land and supporting the people, we created a dialogue in the local communities that would ultimately be beneficial to humans and animals alike. It showed humans that protecting the land and all of the endangered species is also a worthwhile way to live and support their families. Simply awakening this thought-provoking concept creates environmental stewards in the community for generations to come.

The founder of our company felt strongly that it would be truly satisfying only if we built a company that was completely transparent and very open with its customers about its philanthropic pursuits and environmental initiatives. He wanted to ensure that when someone purchased one of our products that person could see a full 100% of what was promised was passed on to the initiatives and not to finance administrative activities.

Furthermore, we also wanted to differentiate ourselves from all the companies out there that pledge a certain percentage of profit to certain causes. Since private companies do not disclose profits, this is an approach that cannot be quantified and hence is not acceptable in our opinion.

Thus, we designed the company based on contributions from revenues. Now every time a customer buys a product from Save Your World™, that customer knows exactly what the result of the purchase will be. Everyone has full visibility as to what impact his/her purchase will make on the environment. That it is good for his/her body is the delightful, but also essential, bonus.

Friends of the Rainforest

The founder also felt it was valuable for people to see recognition for their efforts. It is important for others to see that there are people out there making a difference. When someone believes it is important to make a difference, that person does not want to be alone. Therefore, we created the Friends of the Rainforest list.

This record of like minded participants is a growing reflection on the movement behind Save Your World™ and what people can do by just making a conscious choice as to where and from whom they will make their everyday purchases.

Save Your World™ sells only premium products and only at great value. So even if you don’t feel the Green movement is up your alley, you still can and should buy our products because of their quality and value proposition.

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