Not being a virgin does not come as a surprise anymore these days. Many women lose their virginities at an early age, more so in this modern world of ours. Virginity is, in some corners of society, still considered a precious possession. Wouldn’t it be nice if women could somehow reclaim what they have lost?

Vaginal embellishment

At long last, women have equal sexual opportunity. In the past decade, the introduction of male enhancement surgery and impotency drugs such as Viagra, have addressed male sexual needs, but very little attention has been directed to the physical and emotional aspects of female sexuality. At last women now have the opportunity to address their own sexual needs, especially after childbirth or trauma, with compassionate and comprehensive medical care.

Women’s profiles to do this surgeries

• women who suffer from stress incontinence
• women who want to increase their sexual pleasure
• women whose vaginal areas have stretched due to pregnancies or aging
• women who have experienced vaginal trauma
• women who want their labial lips reduced, enhanced or re-shaped
• women who want to reconstruct their hymen to its original state
• women whose vaginal size is not totally compatible with their partner’s penis size

Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty

Sometimes how a woman “perceives” how she looks in the vaginal region can mean devastating effects on her life. It can threaten her self-esteem, reduce her sexual desire and excitement, ruin her love life, or cause vaginal discomfort.
That’s why many women are now seeking cosmetic vaginal surgery to recreate sexual excitement, restore self-esteem and rejuvenate their love lives. Vaginoplasty (vaginal rejuvenation and tightening) and Labiaplasty (labia reduction and beautification). Hymenoplasty (reconstruction of the hymen) returns the ruptured hymen to a pre-sexual state. Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty can be performed at the same time or in combination with other common Plastic and Cosmetic procedures such as Rhinoplasty, Breast Enhancement or Reduction, Abdominoplasty, or Liposculturing.

Labia Reduction or Vaginal Plastic Surgery

Labia reduction surgery is for women with enlarged or uneven labia minora. Large labia minora (vaginal lips) can lead to discomfort with certain clothing, excersize, and sex. Labiaplasty is the reduction of the labia minora or the inner lips of the vagina. Lasers, fine scissors or a knife are the instruments used. After labia reduction, the labia edges are then sewen together with absorable sutures. This surgery lasts between one and two hours and is generally performed under general anesthesia. Spinal anesthetic may also be used if you wish to be awake.
Vaginal tightening is not the same as Labiaplasty. Vaginoplasty or vaginal tightening surgery, removes excess vaginal skin to narrow the diameter of the vagina, resulting in a smaller and tighter vaginal opening. Labiaplasty is the reduction of the labia.


When the vagina becomes stretched from aging and child birth vaginal surgery tightens and restores the vagina and supporting structures to a “pre-pregnancy” state, thereby re-establishing friction that increases sexual gratification for both women and men!
In vaginal relaxation, the muscles are relaxed and have poor tone, strength, and control. The internal and external diameters increase. The muscles of the perineum are weak and poorly supported. Under these circumstances, the vagina is no longer at its optimum physiological state. As a result, the sensual side of sexual gratification is diminished. Vaginal embellishment can enhance sexual gratification for women who for whatever reason lack an overall optimum architectural integrity of the vagina.
No one wants to age or lose optimal function anywhere, and this includes the vaginal and vulvar structures. Some doctors use a laser and some do not, please ask your surgeon which method they utilize.

I’m not saying you should do it on a whim, but if you think it’d make you feel better, why wouldn’t you do it?

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