Mineral makeup has been used for many years, especially by those women who are health-conscious and were concerned about some artificial ingredients in regular makeup.

What is mineral makeup?

According to Jane Iradele, the creator of a mineral makeup line, mineral makeup is actually made from mineral elements from the earth’s minerals. It contains a combination of ingredients such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride, iron oxides and others. These minerals are mixed with other inorganic pigments to get the right color.

Mineral makeup should not contain artificial fragrances, colors and preservatives. These ingredients are some of the causes of allergies in many people. They also can be irritating to the skin.

What is it’s effect on the skin?

Mineral makeup, as previously pointed out, does not contain some harmful ingredients, which is especially good for people with acne and sensitive skin. But the benefits do not end there. Mineral makeup contains ingredients that can help to protect the skin, for example, by providing protection from sun in a more natural manner.

Mineral makeup is, generally speaking, non-comedogenic. Because it does not obstruct the skin, it is good for people with oily skin and acne.

There are many companies making mineral makeup and some of them say that not all minerals are good for your skin.

Because mineral make-up is non-comedogenic, which means it does not clog the pores of the skin but permits the skin to breathe, mineral makeup is very attractive to those women with sensitive skin. As a result, for those women who suffer with rosacea, dryness, acne or other skin ailments, utilizing mineral makeup permits them to enjoy a skin-friendly product that will not magnify their problems. In addition, the prime ingredients in mineral makeup are, unlike most makeup, inorganic, which means that microbes and bacteria cannot live in the makeup and harm the skin. The components of mineral makeup being inorganic also means that no preservatives need be included and that the makeup will have a long shelf life, provided sufficient care is taken to use brushes that are clean.
Of course the chief reason that women bother to use makeup at all is to increase their beauty. How does mineral makeup compare aesthetically to chemical-based makeup? The clear answer is very well indeed. Because it reflects the sun’s harmful rays, mineral makeup helps mask the skin’s lines, wrinkles, etc. It offers a very natural, healthy look. The top brands of mineral makeup only have to be used once daily and are resistant to water. Also, in contrast to chemically-based alternatives, you can even sleep with mineral makeup on, so it can be applied the night before if you know you will be rushed for time in the morning.

So the advantages one enjoys with mineral makeup are quite significant. Mineral makeup does not damage the skin with harmful chemicals, oils and preservatives. It should not impede pores or provide a nest bed for bacteria. It usually includes helpful ingredients to guard the skin from the sun’s harmful rays and to feed and nourish it. And it provides the wearer with a healthy and natural aura. So it is rather obvious why mineral makeup has become so popular.

Typical ingredients of mineral makeup

There are many naturally-occurring ingredients that can be used in mineral cosmetics, but you’ll most often see Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Mica, and pigments like Iron Oxides and Ultramarines.

Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide help lend opacity and coverage to mineral products, and they also provide natural sun protection. Mica gives products a soft, silky feeling and ranges from matte, uncoated versions (often called Serecite) to color-treated, high-sparkle pigments. And Iron Oxide and Ultramarines add rich color-depth that can go from pastel to smoky to bold. All of these elements combine to create all kinds of makeup products, from foundations to eyeshadows and more!

The most FAQ, does mineral makeup reduce the signs of aging?

Hard to imagine, isn’t it? If you listen to some of the top fashion and beauty magazines, you would think that the only path to radiant, luminous skin is ultra-expensive creams and cosmetic surgery. But the mica in mineral cosmetic products has a special ability to reflect light and give your skin an airbrushed look – which means that the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is diminished, “without” breaking the bank! So go ahead – let everyone think that you’re only 29!

What about it’s price, is mineral makeup expensive?

Believe it or not, mineral makeup is usually “less” expensive than department store cosmetics, and you’ll not only spend less, but it will last you longer and you’ll often be able to try before you buy! Not only that, but mineral cosmetics generally have much longer shelf-lives than traditional makeup – due to the lack of liquid ingredients and fillers – which means you’ll get more use out of mineral products and spend much less in the long run. Who wouldn’t love that?

A sign of Caution, avoid unmineralized water

The individuals who are using mineralized cosmetics may be benefited in one or more ways ( including trace absorption of the essential minerals through the skin ) but for another field of minerals, here is a warning to all the individuals


Of late, fashionable people have adopted the habit of drinking ‘packaged drinking water’ or only so-called ‘mineral water’ ( more than 90 % of which are R. O. or Reverse Osmosis waters, in fact they are artificially mineralized waters ). R. O. waters are too dangerous not only for human life but for animal life also. These waters are devoid of all the natural ( and essential ) minerals which help in sustaining the biochemical processes of life being carried out 24 x 7. Without calcium ( Ca ), magnesium ( Mg ), silica ( SiO2), and sufficient hardness ( as CaCO3 ) as well as optimum Total Dissolved Solids ( TDS ) no human can live a normal life, but for manufacturing R. O. waters, the foolish and quixotic companies are carrying out complete demineralization of water, and are throwing out entire quantities of Ca, Mg, SiO2, etc., thus making the water ‘ naked’, and worthless. For continuously drinking R. O. waters the consumers are out to suffer from osteoporosis ( weak and fragile bones ), diabetes, heart attacks, dry-cum-wrinkled skin, falling of hair, plus other symptoms of aging and premature death.

The Coca Cola and Pepsi companies are openly selling dangerous water in India under the brand names of KINLEY and AQUAFINA, respectively, but the ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Ministry of Consumer Affairs are not aware about the dangers and hazards of these nonsensical products which are fast affecting the consumer health. All the fish died within a fortnight when author of “this” comment kept them in an aquarium filled with Kinley and Aquafina waters. This experiment proved : NO MINERALS, NO LIFE, NO BEAUTY.

Sources: Lindisima, Life style daily, The Money Times

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