Brown Sugar is good for gingerbread, mincemeat, baked beans, pudding and flans. It imparts depth of treacle flavor to fruitcakes, Christmas puddings and treacle biscuits and a crunchy caramel tone to chutneys, barbecue sauces and hot cereals such as porridge.
Its natural moistness and deep, rich molasses flavor makes it ideal for full-flavored or savory recipes. Use it in brownies, coffee or chocolate cakes, fudge, BBQ sauce, marinades, sweet and sour sauce, and pancake syrups. It adds an interesting flavor when stirred into coffee, espresso or tea!
It is the natural substitute to white sugar. It is just the thing for everyday use every time you would use an ordinary white sugar. Just a dash of this sugar can make good food taste even better.

The Brown Sugar Range

Soft Light Brown Sugar

The ideal ingredient for cake manufacture. Based on Caster sugar, a fine crumb texture in pre-production and excellent cake volume in the finished product is achieved.
The molasses will provide color and delicate flavor.
The moistness of the sugar gives an extra tenderness to baked products eg. cookies.
The fine particle size ensures rapid dissolving for syrups, sauces, caramels and toffees. The color and flavor of cakes, desserts and flapjacks are all enhanced by this sugar. Biscuits, including ginger biscuits, benefit from excellent golden color and flavor balance.

Soft Dark Brown Sugar

Provides depth of molasses and black treacle flavor without bitterness, giving a dark golden color and moistness to rich fruit cakes, Christmas puddings and cookies. This sugar imparts a balanced sweetness to ginger or spiced caked.
In toffee and fudge production Soft Dark Brown can enrich the color and enhance the flavor. The fine particle size ensures excellent performance in cakes, toffees, fudge and sauces. In addition, Soft Dark Brown Sugar fulfills your recipe requirements for savory sauces, pickles and marinades.

Demerara Sugar

The ideal choice for toppings, this crunchy brown sugar provides that extra flavor, color and texture to the finished product. Demerara is ideally suited for use in crumbles, cheesecake bases and cake toppings where its traditional flavor and color give perfect results every time.

Organic Demerara Sugar

Soil Association approved this free-flowing Demerara has bold crystals and a traditional molasses flavor. It will give flavor and color when used in fruit cakes and crumbles. It is ideal as a surface decoration on cakes and biscuits.

Brown sugar can be made in two ways.

One is to sell it at the partially processed brown stage, before you get to the white sugar stage. The other way is to add molasses back to the pure white sugar – the advantage of this being that the consistency of the “brown sugar” can be more tightly controlled.
As for nutrition? Well, white sugar is 99.9 per cent sucrose, while brown sugar is about 97 per cent sucrose, 2 per cent water and 1 per cent other stuff. The United Nations health bodies recommend that sugars should make up no more than 10 per cent of your daily energy.
Even if brown sugar made up 10 per cent of your daily energy, it would contribute less than 10 per cent of your daily calcium, magnesium and potassium. There are simply not many nutrients in sugar-cane juice.
Brown sugar is only marginally different from white sugar – and they are both sweet nothings.

Sources: Sugar India, Med Care Health

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