I have been living with high blood pressure my whole life. Always on medication. Always trying to keep it at a good level. Then new research comes out and it can be from , worrying, or being angry, it can be effected by countless things. So after doing a lot of research I started realizing certain things could help stabilize my blood pressure. So I have been taking a new natural supplement which contains aloe, moringa and pomegranate. And to my doctor’s amazement, my blood pressure is much more stable and lower than it has ever been. So he has lowered my medication, to compensate for my better high blood pressure. It seems once his medication lowers my blood pressure the ingredients in the supplement I’m taking seem to help stabilize it. Hope fully taking that supplement daily will help me reduce my dependence on high blood pressure medication I have always been taking. We will see on my next doctor visit, if the lower dosage of medication along with the supplement is working. I never did like taking the medication. The supplement is “poga moonga” and I have only been taking it for 4 weeks and am seeing some amazing results. The pomegranate juice contains a super antioxidant that is 3 times more potent than tomatoes or red wine. And from my research antioxidants, thin your blood and help prevent plaque build up in your arteries. It helps control LDL (bad cholesterol). Thinner blood and less build up in your arteries lowers blood pressure. They are also claiming it stabilizes cholesterol. We will see, but it seems to be helping my high blood pressure. Check out the product yourself, you never know, maybe we all can kick the high blood pressure medication once and for all. Ed Burke


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