Moringa is widely used and tested for its ability to purify water. It is used in many parts of the world to purify water for cooking and drinking where regular purification systems are not available. As an antibiotic, Moringa is used to treat minor infections. An extract from the seeds can be used to fight skin-infecting bacteria. It has been used to cure rashes, cuts, scrapes, sores and as anti-aging cream.
It has been used orally, for centuries in India for healing wounds as an anti-inflammatory and in chronic swelling due to trauma. It also, in just a 3-hour period, can lower blood sugar levels by using a leaf extract. No reports of side effects have been reported from using moringa. Moringa powder also provides an energy boost, when taken regularly and poga moonga is a great source of moringa juice.
Juice, made from the leaves, stabilizes blood pressure, is helpful in treating anxiety and controlling glucose levels for people with diabetes. For treating diarrhea, dysentery and colitis, moringa is mixed with honey and then a coconut milk drink a couple times a day. If you’re looking for a diuretic then just eat some moringa leaves and if you have a headache just rub some buds on your temples.
You can treat bronchitis, ear and eye infections and fevers by eating the leaves. The leaves are even used to kill intestinal worms. It is widely known for its natural energy, which is not produced by sugar or caffeine and an excellent source to obtain the nutrition the body needs. With such a long list of illnesses and diseases it is known to treat and the new things discovered as more research is done, Moringa juice , as found in poga moonga, is no doubt one of the miracles of the plant world and should be considered as apart of everyone regiment to stay healthy.

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