November 2007

Each spring, summer, and fall, tiny particles are released from trees, weeds, and grasses. These particles, known as pollen, hitch rides on currents of air. Although their mission is to fertilize parts of other plants, many never reach their targets. Instead, they enter human noses and throats, triggering a type of seasonal allergic rhinitis called […]

Root crops are a concentrated source of dietary carbohydrates and proteins. They are among humanity’s oldest crops. Edible roots are suitable in community gardens: with shared gardening space for root crops which grow as spreading vines, with larger allotments of a size to cope with spreading vines , with smaller allotments in which root crops […]

Plant poisoning is caused by chemicals in plants that have undesirable affects upon animals and humans. Some poisons must be ingested whereas others, such as chemicals in poison-ivy, only require contact to elicit response in sensitive humans. Some chemicals must be modified before they are poisonous to animals, such as prunasin and other cyanogenic glycosides. […]

If we are hat we eat, I want to be Poga Moonga! It only makes sense if we eat junk and unhealthy foods we will probably be unhealthy and if we eat good and natural foods we will be healthy. Sure the amount of what you eat combined with some exercise is the best way […]

Poga moonga is as unbelievable as anything I have ever seen or personally tried and I have tried almost everything I could get my hands on. Suffering from high blood pressure myself and after years of taking prescription drugs and looking for a real answer to high blood pressure, I realized natural would be the […]

Systemic Candidiasis is also known as Candida infection. Candida albicans is a natural strain of yeast that neutralizes a certain species of gut bacteria. It is very useful in the body when it is found in low concentrations because it helps maintain ideal intestinal flora levels. This maintenance is the normal, healthy function of Candida […]

Oranges have been from time immemorial a staple food in the Mediterranean countries. They have also been a major player in protecting the people of that region from heart disease. Thus, if you never thought of oranges as a “must” food for your heart, here are some good reasons to start doing so: Oranges and […]

Anyone considering a shift to a geener way of living must get this inspirational and practical guide, written by Alan and Gill Bridgewater. With easy-to-read layouts and simple text, it runs the full ecological gamut, from geothermal heating to crop rotation to soap making. The Bridgewaters, well-regarded garden writers, help readers answer questions such as […]

Cataracts A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens of your eye. Looking through a cloudy lens is like trying to see through a frosty or fogged-up window. Clouded vision can make it more difficult to read, drive a car — especially at night — or see the expression on a friend’s face. […]

Artificial sweeteners are an important part of a diabetic diet. Many diabetics have to use sugar substitutes rather than sugar, in order to maintain low blood glucose levels. There are many different kinds of artificial sweeteners, and it is important to know the differences in each. As with any diet, the best advice is moderation. […]

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