When somebody becomes addicted to drugs, the answers to quitting aren’t always as simple as we’d like them to be. It isn’t a case of the user simply been self-indulgent. Nor is it a case of “if they wanted to quit, they would do”. It isn’t so simple because of the changes which occur in the brain, and the body of the addicted person.

Physical addiction can be explained in more simple terms and can be cracked relatively simply by a good drugs detox program. When somebody has abused drugs, the drugs store themselves in the fat tissues of the body and release themselves into the person’s blood stream even years afterwards. This sustains a level of addiction and initiates cravings. Drugs detox will remove the physical craving by speeding up the process by which the toxins are removed from the body.

Although all drugs have different effects on the mind, the types of drugs people become addicted to all have one thing in common: they have changed the persons mind. Drugs are taken because they release feel-good chemicals in the brain. These are the same chemicals which are released naturally as good things happen in our lives. They are known as reward censors. Drugs generally become addictive because the reward censors reward the user greatly every time a drug is consumed. The drug becomes the users greatest pleasure source, if not eventually only pleasure source. The drugs, in effect, trick the mind into rewarding itself for every drug it takes.

A great deal of brain re-wiring occurs when somebody becomes addicted; therefore the reversal process has to undergo the same rewiring. It takes time, and it takes effort and it is never easy. Do some research and reading, learn and become primed in the ways you can become rehabilitated before undertaking a program and you will help yourself greatly.

Sources: healthygenius

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