The problem is that most people take a pharmaceutical or synthetic muti or vitamin supplement. Your body cannot get what it needs to have from an artificially made vitamin supplement. An artificially made vitamin supplement does not match your body chemistry so it’s hard for your body to break down these synthetically made vitamin supplements. In fact your body has to use it’s own natural vitamins and minerals to break down the artificial vitamin supplement. So anything your body does get from these artificial vitamin supplements does not make up, what your body used to break them down. Think about it for a minute. If you take a synthetic vitamin supplement or vitamin and you still need to take an “energy drink” something is not working right.
This is why energy drinks are in such high demand. The energy you get from “energy drinks” is mostly an overdose of caffeine, which is bad for your body. Especially, for people who work out side. Too much caffeine can cause heat stroke among other things. But there is a way to have all the energy you need everyday without damaging your body with “energy drinks”. There is a whole food natural vitamin supplement that will give you all the energy you will ever need. I know, I use to take a synthetic vitamin and every morning stop for “r-d bull” or some other “energy drink” because I just didn’t have the energy like I use to. There were even a couple of times when I got sick from the heat from using “energy drinks” just to make it through the day.
Every day, take my vitamin, do one or two “energy drinks”, get home and feel like crap. I knew there had to be a better way. So after trying about 8 different vitamin supplements, mostly natural, I found one that did everything for me. It helped me sleep better, put me in a better mood and gave me natural energy that lasted all day. Now that’ all I take. I will not touch another “energy drink” again. And the best part is it’s cheaper to take this natural vitamin supplement than it is to buy one “energy drink” a day! I recommend to just, give Poga World a try. What do you have to loose except being healthier and not wasting money on overpriced energy drinks.

Thanks, Edward Burke

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