Poga moonga is as unbelievable as anything I have ever seen or personally tried and I have tried almost everything I could get my hands on. Suffering from high blood pressure myself and after years of taking prescription drugs and looking for a real answer to high blood pressure, I realized natural would be the only true remedy. In only 4 weeks my dependence on pharmaceutical drugs to control my high blood pressure had finally come to an end. Not only that but every aspect of my life seemed better. I was sleeping better, I was less moody, my stomach problems, even though they were small, were gone and I had natural energy, like I’ve never felt before. No more “energy drinks” every morning just to make it through the day at work. Poga Moonga has truly changed my life for the better and there will never be a morning, I don’t have my 2 oz. shot.


So when you find something that helps you, you want to share it with people you care about because you know it will help them too. So I told my boss he had to try this because I knew he had worst problems with high blood pressure than I did. He has been suffering from high blood pressure his whole life and has also tried everything to control it himself. Amazingly, he had his medication reduced to the lowest dosage by his doctor after taking Poga Moonga for 1 month. The first week he was taking it his doctor emailed me and ask me questions about Poga Moonga. What’s in it and how many times a day does he take it? Concerned about his patient I emailed him all the information about Poga moonga. I wrote it contains a blend of Moringa, pomegranate juice and aloe vera and that he only needs to take about 2 oz. every morning. He’s still taking it and his doctor has not got back in touch with me. I know once he knew there was moringa and pomegranate juice in it that, it would help regulate and reduce his high blood pressure. And because it was natural there would be no adverse side effects like he was experiencing from the prescription drugs for his high blood pressure.


Then my parents, aunt and uncle came to visit me for 2 weeks for my birthday. My father,70 years old, had his pills delivered to my house so he would have them when he got to my house. He was taking them for stomach problems because he drinks a lot of coffee but like most people he would not stop drinking coffee, he would just take the pills to curb the heart burn and upset stomach he always gets. He didn’t eat many things because his stomach would get worst. I told him he needs to take aloe vera, which would help any digestive problems he has. Skeptical, like most people I got him to try Poga Moonga.


Amazingly after just 2 days of taking it he said his heartburn and stomach problems were better than they have been for years, so every morning he got up he would take his 2 oz. shot of Poga Moonga and didn’t need to take his pills, which I found out cost $6.00 each and he gets them from Canada because there cheaper there. Not only did he keep drinking too much coffee but we all went on a 4 day cruise and he ate so much food, because that’s what you do when you go on a cruise. One day he didn’t take Poga Moonga in the morning and complained about his stomach and took his prescription . This was the proof he needed and as soon as we got back to my house he ordered a case sent to his house.


But the most dramatic and amazing benefit I have seen yet was my aunt. She had been at my house for one week and only ate crackers and drank water. She has irritable bowel syndrome on top of some other digestive problems and wasn’t sure weather she would be able to go on the cruise. She would feel sick and have burning in her stomach, so I convinced her to try Poga Moonga, I told her the aloe would be good for her digestive system. Unbelievably, 2 days later she was eating regular food ,drinking coffee and without the pain and burning. She was totally amazed that the symptoms she had been suffering from for years and never seemed to get better from the medication the doctor had been giving her were gone. She even had a few alcoholic drinks one night and still didn’t have any stomach problems.


I told her not to forget to take it every morning and she said there was no way she would forget to take something that has given her the relief she had from Poga Moonga. She said she can’t wait to get back home so she can call her doctor and tell him she found something that really helped her unlike all the different medications he had prescribed her and was going to ask him why, if he’s a doctor, didn’t he tell her to take a natural product with aloe vera in it. I told her the drug companies can’t make money from natural products and the doctors only prescribe what the drug companies sell. I have never in all my years seen one product help so many people suffering with many different ailments. But one thing I do know, there will never be anything that will keep me from getting my 2 oz. fix of Poga Moonga every day, for the rest of my life.

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