For most people, drug addiction begins with the “curious” first try. Most drug addicts mistakenly think that there is no harm in trying drugs. But often, that first taste is followed by several more, and addiction ensues.

If you suspect that a family member “especially a teenager” is addicted to drugs, be very observant. Here are some symptoms to look out for.

Easy to find signs of addiction

Aside from physical effects such as dilated pupils, pimple outbreaks, hollowed cheeks and eyes, and slurred speech, among others, there are several behavioral and social manifestations that indicate drug abuse. Watch out for these.

  1. Change of friends and social isolation. Take note of the company he keeps. If most of them are addicts, there is a great chance they have influenced him. Also observe if he isolates himself for long periods.
  2. Sleeplessness. Drug addicts are usually unable to sleep for days on end, and then able to sleep for extremely long periods after several days.
  3. Stealing. Drugs cost a lot of money. If you notice him to be stealing or lying a lot, be alarmed. Before you know it, he might already have a run in with the law. Remember that drugs can change a person’s attitude, it can turn even the kindest, most disciplined person into a selfish troublemaker.

Drug abuse Prevention

Parents who are undergoing divorce may have to be more vigilant with monitoring their children’s emotional and mental states. Major changes in the home life are often the causes of drug abuse.

Influence also plays a big role in keeping your children drug free. Intervene immediately when you see your children hanging out with shady characters. Prevention is still the best cure.

Sources: healthygenius

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