Did you know drug companies are just trying to kill you slowly? Did you know once they get you hooked on their drugs you will be taking them until you die? Did you ever meet an elderly person who didn’t have a medicine cabinet full of drugs, which they can’t even afford to buy? Can you remember ever seeing or hearing about a prescription drug ever really curing anything? Can ever remember a drug company advertisement that didn’t include the list of possible side effects. Have you ever wondered if they are purposely adding “side effects” to get new business, you know job security?

Their advertisements amaze me. Some nice looking person, in a calm setting, talking about their affliction and suddenly it turns into a auction as they tell you about all the possible side effects you may get from taking their drugs. It’s like a magic show. They lull you into an unconscious, mild mood before they tell you the side effects. The truth is their drugs are not a chemical match for our body chemistry. If you look at the DNA of a human body and match it with the DNA of plants and foods we eat, they are almost identical. This is why we can obtain all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and every thing else our body needs from plants and the food we eat.

On the other hand, pharmaceutical drugs of any kind including simple vitamins have to be broken down by your body in order to even try to get any vitamins or minerals that may be useful. Your body will use it’s own vitamins and minerals to break down the artificial vitamins, in order to get the vitamins and minerals, you took the stuff for in the first place but won’t even replace your vitamin and minerals you lost breaking their drugs down. It senseless to take something that has no benefit from taking it. But worst than benefiting from their product is the possibility of being on their drug for the rest of your life. Not to mention the side effects that come free with every drug you purchase.

On the other hand, a natural, supplement of any kind, including vitamins can be easily absorbed by your body and are very beneficial and they do not have side effects. Let’s be serious here for one minute. Drug companies are around for one purpose. To make you a lifetime customer, so they can sell you new drugs and so their stockholders make good profit. Do you really think they want you to be healthy, NO; they would be out of business. And then there’s the FDA. They are like the “pimps” for the drug companies. They will never approve a natural drug of any kind because the drug company won’t be able to make a profit from it. And it’s amazing a entity like the FDA, who are suppose to approve and regulate drugs people take because they are protecting us from taking anything that might harm us.

But every time they tell you “don’t use this, it will cause cancer”, they turn around and 5 years later tell you the complete opposite. So because I don’t want to end up like all the elderly people today, I did a lot of research about natural alternatives. I also tried endless natural supplements and all of them were beneficial, unlike the “multi-vitamin” I was taking for 10 years. You can really feel the difference. You just feel healthier. But what combination, of what products, in what amounts are the best for maintaining a healthy body. After all the research and all the experiments I found that they all had different effects on different areas of overall health. Some would help with energy but not help your sleeping problems while others would help sleeping but lack natural energy. I thought I would never find the right combination that would be a complete supplement. And then I found it. It has improved every aspect of my health from energy, to sleep, to mood, to digestive problems, all in one tasty supplement. Now I’m sure you have heard this about every natural product that has ever been sold and I was a s skeptical as you are until I actually experienced the amazing powers of Pogo Moonga. Finally some has combined 3 amazing ingredients, which are all amazing supplements on their own. It contains everything you need for great health. Pomegranate, for the antioxidants which help cholesterol, strokes and heart attacks, just to name a few. Aloe vera, which has 8 of the 13 recognized vitamins and 20 of the 22 amino acids your body, needs along with ingredients for digestion and you immune system. And if that weren’t enough they added moringa, one of the greatest supplements available, for overall great health. It has been used for centuries to fight over 300 diseases and illness and the list of things it can treat and even cure is so long I would need a couple more pages to write them all down. Just type” moringa” in a search engine and you’ll be amazed.

So if you are looking for something truly amazing and want to take your life back from the drug companies, I would advise everyone to try it for one month. Just take my word for it. You will be amazed at what healthy really feels like and you will think the same thing I did a month later after the first day I started taking it, “finally, for once in my life, something, I found something that can truly put my health and well being in my hands, where it belongs”.

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