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Too cold for a smoothie? Hotties to chai for, at Boost Juice Bars this winter

Boost your day with some hot stuff! Boost Juice Bars, the Australian juice and smoothie phenomenon is introducing Hotties to the UK this winter; a delicious range of low fat, nutritious hot drinks to warm you up from head to toe!

Already enjoying great popularity after launching in the UK earlier this year, Boost will continue to look after its customers through the winter with Hotties, a great alternative to caffeine-loaded coffees and fat-filled hot chocolates. Made freshly in front of you, Hotties are 100% delicious, 98% fat free and contain absolutely no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. Australian customers have already gone wild about To Chai 4, a truly to-die-for low fat blend of exotic spices, and Choc Mint Mania, a yummy, low fat minty twist on traditional hot chocolate.

Shane Bilsborough, a leading Nutritionist in Australia says “We need to pay more attention to health and nutrition. Instead of feeding ourselves with junk food, we should look for healthy nutrient rich alternatives. Instead of the usual high caffeine fix this winter, why not invest in a healthier alternative…one that’s extremely low in fat and saturated fat, contains little to no caffeine, is high in calcium with the added benefits of fresh ingredients & some fruit…such as the Boost Hotties range of products!” When the Christmas shopping gets just too much and you’re flagging, Hotties can give you the energy Boost you need to survive the shops and get all your Christmas gifts.

For even more of a Boost, you can add a ‘Booster’ shot to your Hotties. How about replacing your morning coffee with a delicious To Chai 4 plus an invigorating Energiser PLUS Booster? Want to help strengthen your immune system from coughs and colds? The Immunity booster is bursting with antioxidants and super foods, add one of these to your Hotties.

Hotties are available at Boost Juice Bars in the Trafford Centre, Piccadilly train station & the Chill Factor Manchester, the Clarendon Centre in Oxford & the Victoria Centre in Nottingham. And the great news is that up to 4 more Boost Juice Bars will be unveiled before the end of the year at locations in Lakeside shopping centre in Thurrock, Manchester and other another 2 in the south of England.

Which Hottie is right for you? Choose from...  To Chai 4 - a truly to-die-for low fat blend of exotic spices and (no fat) milk (0.1g fat, 68 calories per 100ml)  Manuka Honey Steamer - a delicious hot blend of manuka honey, cinnamon and (no fat) milk (0.2g fat, 77 calories per 100ml)  Energy Oats - Breakfast on the run again? Start your day with this hot and creamy low fat blend of oats, apple, banana, cinnamon, honey and TD4 vanilla yoghurt (0.5g fat, 58.9 calories per 100ml)  Choc Mint Mania - Need a choccie fix but don't want the fat? Try this yummy, low fat, hot chocolate drink. Choc Mint Mania is a delicious hot chocolate with a hint of fresh mint. A spin on traditional hot chocolate and perfect for those cold winter days! (0.8g fat, 76 calories per 100ml)  Boosteas® - Handpicked from the finest tea leaves; Boosteas® brew fresh in seconds. Available in herbal peppermint, fruit berry, rooibus vanilla tea and green tea with fresh ginger (0.1g fat, 1.4 calories per 100ml)











About Boost Juice

The Boost Juice Australian retail phenomenon has opened an average of 34 stores a year since its inception in 2000, and has an annual group turnover in excess of $AUD100 million. The UK is the fifth international market the brand has entered after Chile, Kuwait, Singapore and Indonesia. Boost Juice Founder and CEO Janine Allis developed the concept of offering quick, affordable, healthy and natural snacks in her Melbourne garage to keep her three young sons energised. Today, all freshly squeezed and blended fruit juices and smoothies contain no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours and are at least 98% fat free. The company prides itself on the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle mixed with an uncompromising addiction to fun.

For further information about Boost visit or contact Sam on 0207 430 0530 or at

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