Lavender – the lovely purple flower which is also known as L. Angustifolia but has other subtypes as well. This particular shrub is found naturally in the western part of the Mediterranean arena. Most believe that it was first used by the Arabians who then brought the habit into the roman culture and through them to the entirety of Europe. Lavender made its way to the America’s by the pilgrims and got to Australia as late as the eighteen hundreds. In the wild you can find it today in many places as grows best in a sunny, not so moist area.

The amazing part about lavender is that its oils sedate the CNS (central nervous system) very much like medical tranquilizers do (no – not the type that you blow unto an elephant although that is what it sounds like – more like aspirin). Because it works wonders on your nervous system it is very prevalent in sleep help. You can use lavender in a tea or as oil (extracted from the leaves, flower or plant it). If you opt for using it as oil then you can apply it the standard way in order to give your muscles their must needed relaxation. And no matter how you use it, even the scent of the lavender can have a very wonderful and calming effect on you.

A very useful and comfortable way to apply the lavender oil is to rub it into the feet being as there it gets absorbed very quickly. Because like I said the aroma itself is very therapeutic then you can add the lavender to your bath, put it in a vaporizer or simply breathe some in from a napkin. if you want to go to sleep with the aroma then you can place some in a satchel and place it under your pillow for the night (just make sure your not allergic to it before you place some lavender in every corner of your being – just place some on a small patch of usually covered skin and see what happens). and an interesting point, if your using Spanish lavender then the affect will be arousing, so make sure you know what your buying before you get it and put your sleep solely in its arms.

Now that we are done with the theoretical part of the evening, lets get down to the nitty gritty of lavender usage. The first thing we will discuss making is lavender mint tea. you need one teaspoon of fresh lavender flowers (or if your using dried then only half of that), 1.5 tablespoons of fresh mint leaves (or two teaspoons if its dried out), one cup of boiled water, some rosemary, lemon balm and rose geranium (the last three aren’t necessary, it just depends on your taste in tea).

In a pot you should place the lavender and mint with the boiling water (loose or in an infuser – your call) – the boiling water should be pored over it. Let the bunch sit there for about five minutes (this lets the good juices actually transfer to the water). Once done take the leaves out (with a strainer if necessary). And just like that you’re done with your tea.

Now if you’re out to make a homemade lavender sachet then you will need other things. You will need (of course) some lavender (any part of the plant will do), some lavender oil, a handkerchief, two needles (one large one that can fit a quarter of an inch ribbon and one standard one), some thread and a quarter of an inch ribbon (in width not length – obvious but I want to make sure). Most if not all of the things here you can find in a floral or crafts store near you, but what you can’t (maybe the lavender) you can order online (buds and such – just search and you’ll find someone willing to sell).

The way you make this satchel is rather simple. First you fold the handkerchief in a quarter (half and then again). Then sew three sides together using the tread you got. The last side of the handkerchief that you didn’t sew should now be opened and you should stuff it with the lavender (but not to tight). When you’re done you will have a beanbag like thing which you should sprinkle with oil (about 9 drops) and more of the plant.

Once your done use the larger needle and ribbon to thread the entire thing together. Tie it with a knot and enjoy the thing all night long.

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