Poga Moonga Juice, the drug companies worst nightmare!

When I was young I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. She was the greatest and I remember how devastated I was the day she passed away. She was always taking pills and being curious, like most kids are I would ask her what why she ate so much candy and could I have some. She would look at me and say” no, honey, theses are not candy, these are medicine to help me get better. With every passing month it seemed as if the pills she was taking, given to her by the doctor, were making her sicker and not better. So watching her health get worst and worst, I couldn’t help but wonder, why would the doctor, who is suppose to be helping her get better give her stuff that seemed to make her worst?

I think this was the first of many reasons, that made me come to the conclusion that, I trust doctors about as far as I can throw one. Then, as I got older, I realized it wasn’t the doctor. I realized, doctor’s genuinally want to help people get better. They go to school, learn what hey teach them and then try to help people. The problem is what they teach them. They are taught to sell what the drug companies make. They don’t teach them how to cure anything. They teach them here is a symptom and here is “our drug” you prescribe for that symptom. They teach them there is only one solution for any illness, they’re drugs. The drug companies own the FDA, they fund many schools to keep making doctors to sell they’re crap. They supply the doctors with incentives when they go into practice. They have created the perfect business. We will control all the schools and government agencies, teach the doctors and make the product they sell, because everyone gets sick.

It’s amazing people die and have died from illnesses, that never use to exist. Cancer, just like most of other deadly diseases, have not been around that long. In the old days before drug companies, before we evolved into a “meat based diet”, there wasn’t cancer. Before we evolved into the sick people we are now, we were on a “plant based diet”. You see, on a plant based diet our bodies got the essential minerals and vitamins our body needed. The HGH (human growth hormone), the preservatives, the extra ingredients they put in to make us eat more and get fatter, that is put into all our meat products and have for years are the cause of all our diseases.

The cattle companies, the chicken companies, the FDA and the drug companies don’t care about our health, they care about money that’s all. It’s quite an elaborate business they have going. First you have the processed meat industry putting in crap that will make you sick and buy more. Then the drug company, who can’t make one drug without side effects or can really help or cure anything. Then you have the FDA , who would never approve anything that isn’t made by the drug company. The circle of life, were born, they poisoin us with there food, they get us hooked on crap that never helps or cures anything and we die taking the drug companies crap. What a life.

So trying to break the” lab rat” cycle because that’s what we are, just life long drug company lab rats. I looked for something, anything, that could put the control of my health, in my hands because I probably wouldn’t try to kill myself slowly like the drug companies. So I tried every natural product I could get my hands on. Natural products are chemically matched to our body unlike the unnatural crap the drug companies make. Our body can absorb the ingredients from natural products, unlike pharmaceutical crap. And I don’t know about you but I kind of enjoy no side effects. I tried many natural products and all of them were more beneficial than anything the drug company can offer. The liquid form is always the best because it’s the natural state, not like pills or capsules. The products were great, this one was great for antioxidants, which with more research are a very important part of good health. There were some that would build your immune system, which helps keep you healthy. There were some that had great healing powers for many illnesses.

All of these were great for your health but I wanted something that had all of what these different products had to offer. After years of searching, I finally found it. A natural supplement that had everything your body needs to be healthy, all in one product. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, immune building ingredients and the best all around healing ingredient available. I have felt the amazing results, so I shared it with people I care about because I want to help them too. It has helped them all with all kinds of ailments from high blood pressure, cholesterol, to feeling run down, to acid reflux and even IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). It’s help sleep, Rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, anxiety, asthma and even erectile dysfunction. And this was just for the people I know.

I have had there doctors contact me and ask what they are taking, what are the ingredients and how much and often do they take it. All I can say is there still taking it and still amazed at the results and I haven’t heard back from there doctors, who I know checked it out and found out what they were taking could do nothing but improve they’re health. It’s called “Poga Moonga Juice” and to sum it up, all I can say is, I still am amazed, along with everyone I have introduced this to, at the all around healthy feeling I now have, since I stated taking this product and I would love to be one of many who can tell the drug companies to take a long jump off a short pier. And what about you? How important is you health and the health of people you care about? Let’s all break the life time drug company lab rat syndrome and truly take control of your health. Just try Poga Moonga Juice and truly change you life for the better, besides it’s only your health.

Thanks ,

Edward Burke

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