January 2008

Poga Moonga Juice, What a weird name for such a great natural, whole food supplement! Let me tell you how they came up with the name. First it is made up letters from the 3 ingredients it has. The “Po” in Poga comes from the pomegranate, which is one of the ingredients. The “ga” in […]

A few days ago I was with my sister in Madrid, Spain, doing window shopping (nowadays, with the fall of the dollar against the euro, it is difficult to do any other kind of shopping in Europe). After wandering for a while, we took a break and went to a cafeteria. I ordered a bottle […]

I have read an alarming article written by a doctor claiming he has tested all the above so-called “nutritional supplements” except Poga Moonga Juice. I was stunned to read that they ALL are highly acidic. From what I read they have a very high pH, which is very bad for your digestive system, and especially […]

Giving babies honey is dangerous Although many people seem to know that there is some problem with giving honey to young babies they do not know exactly what the problem is. Honey itself is a natural product that is generally thought to be very healthy for people. However, there have been some cases of a […]

Detox, cleanse, therapy…seems like most people are trying to clean up their act. I have gone down the road of detoxifying my body and had mixed results. When I first started writing this piece it was almost as long as a book since there is SO much information and things that I’ve done that revolve […]

Entering the world of Alternative Therapies is the one of the best way to know your mind, body and soul. We can only get so much from Western Therapies and Medicine, and in some cases the wild, wild, west creates other ailments and dependencies. Two weeks ago we talked about detoxifying and cleansing the body, […]

You wake up and go through your morning routine and as you head the door to seize the day, more than half of you are grabbing that ever so popular bottle of water. Next, its time for lunch, and you sit down to enjoy what is probably your first real meal of the day and […]

Almost 2 years after its release date, the documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth, which put one of the biggest spotlights on the detrimental effects of our careless lifestyles on the environment, conveys important information and carries a message that must be heard on an ongoing basis. On An Inconvenient Truth’s website, climatecrisis.net, it states: There […]

As we begin 2008, there is the pressure to make resolutions. According to dictionary.com, a resolution is the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure; a solution, accommodation, or settling of a problem, controversy. Unfortunately most resolutions are destine for failure because there is no real understanding of […]

Last year my parents, aunt and uncle came to visit me for my birthday. Every morning they saw me take a 3 oz. shot of something with my coffee. Finally, they ask, what it was. I told them it’s a natural supplement that has been helping me with my cholesterol, high blood pressure and stomach […]

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