Detox, cleanse, therapy…seems like most people are trying to clean up their act. I have gone down the road of detoxifying my body and had mixed results.

When I first started writing this piece it was almost as long as a book since there is SO much information and things that I’ve done that revolve around this topic.

The first detox practice I tried was a colonic. I use to suffer from digestive disorders and wouldn’t eliminate wastes for days and sometimes up to a week. When I was younger, I never thought anything about it because as women, we are conditioned to be prim and proper at all times. I remember when I lived in New York and used to work 9-5, I once left my office to use the facilities at a Department Store because I was mortified of going where my co-workers “may find out”. What a waste of energy!

As time went on I began to realize something was wrong. Of course being my own detective, I looked in to why this was happening, what the outcome of my disorder would be if it continued and how to literally move things forward with a solution. Thus entering the world of colonics.

I had a great experience with the colonics I received 7 years ago. I went into the situation with ease because a few people I knew at the time had them done and had good experiences.

If she is still in business, Brigit Krome performs colonics and is located in Spa 88 in the Financial District (Manhattan). I highly recommend her because the experience was great and she educated me on the process and other digestive and immune information.

In the colonic world, the standard regimen is to get one a week for 6 weeks when you start and then 1 every season (4 times a year). There is some controversy with colonics, especially in regards to compromising your intestinal flora which fights off free radials and bad bacteria.

From there I went on to juicing and organic foods. I wanted to eat as much natural food as possible in the best form so my digestive system would not have to do as much work.

I also tried the Master Cleanse, but only lasted 5 hours…I wasn’t mentally prepared. However, I do know a lot of people who experienced great results from this cleanse so I am going to try this again at some point. I do believe the body needs a break and do not need food on a daily basis. Our body has stored enough nutrients and energy for us to survive a pretty long time without food consumption.

I know one individual on the extreme side who only eats every other day – amazing!

Now, I take a daily dose (sometimes more) of an isotonic formula of Antioxidants and Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics. The isotonic formulas are perfect because my body recognizes the fluid since it is in the same state as my blood, sweat and tears. The fluid bypasses my stomach and goes directly into my small intestine and absorbs around 90% of the nutrients in minutes.

This also gives my digestive system a break because if I were to take these supplements in a pill or pre-made liquid form they would go into my stomach where it would need to break down the fillers and binders to extract the actual nutrient to send to my small intestine which takes up to 4 hours and the average absorption rate is about 30% of the nutrient.

I am also a label freak. I read every label before I buy something, or if in a restaurant I ask how the dish is prepared. I want real sugar, real oil, real butter, real grains, and I need to be able to easily pronounce all the ingredients.

I pH balance the acidity in my body with Complete Greens Powder, drink pH balanced water, take Multi-Mineral isotonic formula, and balance it out with raw green vegetables – either eat them raw or juice them.

How do you detox and cleanse your system?

Tiffany Houser

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