Last year my parents, aunt and uncle came to visit me for my birthday. Every morning they saw me take a 3 oz. shot of something with my coffee. Finally, they ask, what it was. I told them it’s a natural supplement that has been helping me with my cholesterol, high blood pressure and stomach problems. Then I found out my dad had acid reflux, my aunt had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and my mom had arthritis. So I offered them to try it for a couple days, knowing how much it has helped me. To all their amazement, in 2 days my dad stopped taking his, $6.00 a pill prescription for his acid reflux. Three weeks later my mom said her arthritis felt a lot better and she had less pain. But the most amazing result was my aunt, who, after only 4 days of trying it, for the first time in 4 years, could eat a normal meal, without the pain and discomfort of IBS she was suffering from.

I was just as amazed as they were that one natural supplement had such positive effects on so many different ailments, in so many people. After a lot of research, I found that the combination of pomegranate and moringa (which I have never heard of before), were great for high blood pressure, cholesterol and arthritis. And the aloe vera was great for most digestive problems. From my research I found that the antioxidants from the pomegranate; the phytochemicals ( Phytochemicals are plant chemicals that have no nutritional value but contain protective and disease preventive properties) of aloe vera and the amino aids, vitamins and healing properties of moringa, seem to make quite an amazing supplement.

Now 3 months later, my doctor is still amazed at my cholesterol and high blood pressure and my slight stomach problems are gone, my father doesn’t buy his $6.00 a pill medicine for his acid reflux, my mom has less pain and more movement with her arthritis and my aunt doesn’t suffer from the burning and discomfort of IBS. It helped me but I wasn’t sure it would help. So I figured, I’ll just get them to try it and see what happens. What do they have to loose? But what if, what if it can help them. What’s more important than family and health? And being able to help your family with their health, it can’t get any better than that. Poga Moonga Juice, “It’s Just Your Health”

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