I have read an alarming article written by a doctor claiming he has tested all the above so-called “nutritional supplements” except Poga Moonga Juice. I was stunned to read that they ALL are highly acidic. From what I read they have a very high pH, which is very bad for your digestive system, and especially the delicate intestinal villi of the small intestine where blood is made. All of these proton rich fruits take needed electrons that are needed to keep your body running strong and healthy.Because the ingredients are “exotic” and most people don’t know about the ingredients, Noni, Xango, Mangosteen and Goji are more attractive to consumers. But mostly, they are full of sugar and pasteurized which will acidify your tissues and blood. This will make you tired, fat and sick. I’m not a doctor and I did not, like most people understand all the scientific terms and how they relate to each other but what I did understand and really the only thing that was important was the bottom line was, all theses exotic fruits and drinks were very acidic and taking them would put your health at risk, just the opposite of what they all say.

I have met many people who have used some of these products and was very curious to see if they truly believed they were healthier after taking it than before they started. I asked them, to be honest with me. I ask them if they felt any different, any healthier? Did they have any ailments, no matter how small, that improved after taking it? Did they truly feel that what they have been taking was beneficial in any way?Surprisingly, all most all of them didn’t have many positive things to say about what they were taking, except of course the distributors who praised it, always the salesman. But the most I could get from them was it made them feel better. Then there’s Poga Moonga Juice. I have personally been taking it and have most of my family taking it. Why, because after I tried it and was amazed what it did for me, I had no choice but to tell my friends and family about it.To this day I am still amazed at how many people, close to me, who take it daily, because it has truly changed their health. No false promises of an exotic fruit or juice just proof that it works. I have seen it lower and stabilize high blood pressure and cholesterol. I have seen it help with asthma, arthritis, acid reflux and even irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). I mean real people, with real ailments and a real solution. And of course, by now you figured out, I am a distributor for Poga Moonga Juice. But not to try to sell it to everyone on the planet just to make money, but to share it with the people who I care about and because as a distributor I can get it for about 30% cheaper than retail. And if all I get out of this whole thing is being healthier and helping the people I care about be healthier, it as all worth it.Poga Moonga Juice is just not another sugary, fruit juice. It’s a “whole food supplement”. A whole food supplement that contains Moringa, which if you do just a little research on is just about the most amazing supplement on the planet. It’s so nutritional, it is given to pregnant women, young mothers and babies in 3rd world countries, to provide them with the nourishment they need.Then, they added pomegranate juice, a super-antioxidant, which has been used for centuries to lower blood pressure and fight LDL cholesterol. And last but certainly not least, they added Aloe Vera, which will treat any digestive problem and build your immune system. Each ingredient, Moringa, Pomegranate and Aloe Vera are all great supplements on their own but combined become a whole food supplement which could literally support life. So if you ever tried one of the other exotic fruits or juices and really want to try something that can truly change your health for the better, I would recommend to just give it a try. You will be amazed when you really feel what healthy is. Poga Moonga Juice” It’s Just your health”!

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