Aerosol sprays are dangerous so always avoid those. As for stick or roll-on, it’s a personal preference. Safety, aside from avoiding aerosols, has more to do with ingredients.

Antiperspirants, even so-called “natural” ones contain aluminum that work to clog our pores and stop us from perspiring. Look on your antiperspirant label for aluminum as:

  • aluminum chlorohydrate
  • ammonium aluminum sulfate
  • potassium alum
  • potassium aluminum sulfate
  • mineral salts or crystal

Aside from all the ill effects on our health, mining for aluminum is a destructive business that consumes electricity and destroys our environment.

Not only are we endangering our lives by using chemicals like aluminum, and supporting businesses that destroy our natural resources, but we are also polluting our environment every time we use them. The poisons wash into our water system every time we wash. This harms our future, our delicate ecosystems, and our drinking water.

Ammonium alum is different. It is a prevalent natural compound. It cannot be absorbed into the skin and does not clog pores the way aluminum chloride does. It does not kill the bacteria and does not stop perspiration, however, ammonium alum works to inhibit the growth of bacteria and therefore those critters that cause bad odor. This is the primary ingredient in deodorant crystals which are found to be safe and effective.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not closely monitor personal care products. Manufacturers are protected by “trade secret” formulas so all ingredients don’t even have to be listed on the label. This occurs regularly in perfume and fragrances, for example. Many contain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions as well as cancer and other diseases. Many manufacturers believe that they can include small amounts of poison since at those levels there is no risk. But we use our favorite personal products regularly, compounding that minute amount every day and sometimes more than once each day. Considering that many personal care products, like deodorants and antiperspirants, are created to stay on our bodies for hours, more potential harmful chemicals can be absorbed through our skin and into our body. Therefore it is upon us, as diligent consumers, to get the facts and choose what’s safest and best for our bodies. We need to learn the possible effects and safer alternatives.

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