June 2008

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnate) Passion flower is calming and sleep inducing, relieves pain, and muscular spasms. It is useful for the treatment of general insomnia, insomnia in asthmatics, hysteria, cramps, and nerve pain. Passionflower was widely used by the Aztecs as a sedative and analgesic. Its constituents include harmine. Harmine was originally known as telepathine because […]

Herbal infusions have been drunk throughout the centuries – both for their medicinal and culinary properties – after all, our common ol’ cuppa (the black tea which came over from the Far East) is just a herb infused in water. Herbal infusions can consist of just one herb, or can be blended with a number […]

Chronic insomnia is defined when you have problems falling asleep, maintaining sleep, or experience nonrestorative sleep that occurs on a regular or frequent basis, often for no apparent reason. How much sleep is enough varies from person to person. Although 7 1/2 hours of sleep is about average, some people do well on four to […]

The immunization will be implemented in four doses and will be accompanied by psychological therapy. It seeks to prevent the passage of drugs to the nervous system and its effect is pleasant. Participants of proof: 150 addicts. The Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona, Spain, will coordinate the testing of a vaccine against cocaine in […]

As a beverage, coffee has become the most popular drink in the world. Its stimulating effects have become one of its main selling points along with the rich aroma and distinct flavor that comes with every cup. Many people may not know it, but drinking coffee may bring with it some added health benefits. Here […]

Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water. Tea has been known as one of the most nutritious drinks that you can have. For hundreds and even thousands of years, people have been using tea not only for health, but for ceremonies. The Japanese and Chinese regard this drink as something […]

Most lower intestinal gas is produced when bacteria in your colon ferment carbohydrates that aren’t digested in your small intestine. Unfortunately, healthy foods – such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes (beans and peas) – are often the worst offenders. That’s because these foods are high in fiber. Fiber has many health benefits, including […]

Soy is a complete protein, and soyfoods are rich in vitamins and minerals including folate, potassium and, in some cases, fiber. Benefits of soy include promoting heart health and healthy bones, preventing cancer and alleviating menopausal symptoms. Soy beans contain high amounts of protein, including all essential amino acids (the only such vegetable source). Soy […]

Sex is good for adults. Indulging on a regular basis-at least once a week-is even better. Research links sex (with all safer-sex precautions taken) to an astonishing array of physiological benefits, from longevity to pain relief. Yet most of us are quicker to hit the gym before hitting the sheets when it comes to taking […]

Drinking five cups of tea a day boosts the immune system and gives the body a better chance of fighting off infections, scientists say. An ingredient in the drink helps repel invading bacteria, viruses and fungi, according to a study in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”. One experiment showed that immune system […]

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