For most, life is a daily routine of survival, raising the family, resolution of minor problems, pay bills, care of physical needs and productivity. This is what life could be a positive, active and rewarding. But sometimes, stress and concerns change the attitude, behaviour and ability to cope with different situations. You can not even have noticed the change, but surely those around you have done it.

When should seek emotional support?

When the emotional burdens become overwhelming, it is necessary to seek psychological help. Watch / her feelings and behaviors that suggest this need.

  • If you experience extreme sadness, depression or anxiety often or continuously.
  • If you have feelings of disappointment, nonsense and / or extreme pessimism frequently or constantly.
  • If you’re constantly feeling alone helpless ay / a.
  • If cries easily and often without apparent reason.
  • If you have a heightened irritability, and many things bother you or get angry.
  • If you can not sleep, or sleep too.
  • If disputed easily and often comes in cycles of conflict.

Of course, in addition to the above should seek immediate help if you have thoughts of death or suicide.

Apart from the psychological help of a professional, there are also other tools that should be considered. There is no limit to what we can do to maintain our own mental health. This list will give you some ideas and can help you find many activities and guides to take into account:

  1. Good communication helps: maintain good relations with those around you.
  2. The balance is important: work, play, relaxation, thinking, healthy eating and exercise.
  3. Learning to control stress, solve problems and you need rest.
  4. Find time to do things you enjoy.
  5. “Healthy mind in healthy body.” It is not just a saying Greek. It’s really important. You should worry about your health. Improve the quality of its food, particularly to monitor the protein intake, vitamin and mineral.
  6. Prioritize correctly in his life: do the important things first and accept one’s own ability to go doing what it is barely possible.
  7. Make the tasks on time: the delay caused stress and anxiety.
  8. Share your feelings with others and hear what they have to turn to say.
  9. Always seek professional help if they understand that need it.

The psychological health is directly related to the behaviour, attitude and decisions made each day. Do something positive in achieving what they want and by an increase in the welfare of all: VALUES you and those around you. And remember: The most important person for their emotional and psychological health is yourself.

Sources: Saber Vivir

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