Talking about diet is very complicated these days. Despite you can lose or maintain your weight by running/jogging every morning but usually people want more detailed information before they pledge to anything. Well, fortunately there are lots of resources about weight loss. You can read everything about diet on the books or on the internet but in the end what’s important would be still your perseverance to make it happens.

Everyone wants to lose weight as fast as they can. If someone tells you that your body won’t allow you to lose more than 4 pounds a month, you’ll be disappointed, I know it. So it’s very reasonable if you seek help from dieticians, doctors, or pharmacists. However, you must know some very crucial things before you try any diet patches or supplements.

First, there is no such thing such as magical wand. If you are lazy, you must be ready to accept all the consequences. All diet patches and pills can only help your appetite and fat/carb consumption if you are dedicated to your exercise and eating habits. That’s the most important thing you need to know. Second, you must remember that only few ingredients which are really useful for our body. Ingredients like damiana or yam won’t be able to help your appetite even though many diet supplements use them. So you must be wise in choosing the right product for you.

I believe there are only few natural herbs that can increase your chance to lose weight faster like Hoodia, NeOpuntia, phaseolus vulgaris, and Omega 3. The last one (Omega 3) is very important for our body system. Omega 3 acids can be considered as the obligatory fats that play very important role in various systems inside your organs. The EPA and DHA inside these acids can do magical things to your excess fats. That’s why Lida and some other diet pills use these Omega 3’s EPA and DHA.

However, usually most doctors suggest us to not take more than 2 tablets of Omega 3 diet supplement every day. You might experience a very unpleasant allergy or physical illness if you take more than two tablets of diet supplement which contain Omega 3. Well, side effect is a very common problem in drug-related things. Hoodia, NeOpuntia, phaseolus vulgaris, and other ingredients for diet pills are not different from Omega 3 according to their side effects. Yep, they can help your appetite and maybe fat consumption as well but you must be extremely cautious with their side effects. You can read more about proactol and the other diet pills.

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