What’s all the fuss about antioxidants? First they were thought to be bad for you but it turns out they are very good for you. They give your body many benefits like thinning your blood, stopping your arteries from getting clogged, helping with cholesterol and blood pressure, all which, help against many diseases like heart disease, heart attacks, strokes to name a few. Did you know you get antioxidants from fruit, grains, nuts, moringa and many more sources.
Did you know your body makes antioxidants? There are amino acids, which your body gets from food such as Cysteine, that are great antioxidants.
But how important to your overall health are antioxidants? As you have read there are many great benefits from taking antioxidants but antioxidants are just one part of your total health. But due to there popularity lately, many people think that antioxidants is all you need to be healthy and this is not true. Amino acids are much more important for your overall health than antioxidants. Amino acids make all the cells, repair and build new muscle, help control almost every bodily function and help fight many illnesses and ailments. They have a much greater affect on your overall health than antioxidants. Not getting the right amount or combination of the you need is more detrimental to your body than not getting enough. But if you get both your on your way to a much healthier body.
The truth is if a supplement contains too many fruit juices or extracts, it will be a very good source of antioxidants but it may also be over acidic which can have an adverse affect on you bodies PH. An out of wack PH can be more damaging to your body than getting an overabundance of antioxidants. When choosing any supplement, make sure it is balanced and does not contain too much of any thing. You know the old saying, “Too much of anything is not good for you”. Try to take a supplement that has antioxidants, amino acids, immune building and antibacterial properties, which is considered a more balanced supplement.

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