The pituitary gland is the master gland, since it controls many important functions of the body, including: Regular ovulation in women and men involved in sexual desire or libido and its fertility, as well as the mood of people.

When you start to feel the need to be with someone and their mere presence will cause excitement and joy, the only thing you have left is to recognize that you love. This process is not merely emotional, many chemical processes are initiated in your brain, which sends signals to the endocrine system, which belong to all the glands of your body.

The pituitary gland is located at the base of the brain, so small that weighs less than an ounce and is not bigger than a pea. However, its significance is enormous, as other controls such as the hypothalamus gland, which regulate emotional states.

As if this part of our brain produces hormones that meet several different functions: To stimulate contractions of the uterus during childbirth and the production of breast milk after giving birth, produce adrenaline when the body is in situations warning, and most important, those that stimulate serotonin, the ovaries and testicles.

Without this small gland “Cupid” within us, love would be less passionate and reproduction quite difficult because the Serotonin is a substance that exerts influence on the moods, emotions and depressive states. It is also responsible for the passion you feel when you’re in love, because it is an antidepressant that produces joy and happiness. Besides serving increasing sexual activity and cardiovascular.

Its high levels confer a sense of pleasure and well-being and decrease the desire to eat meals or sweets. While their low levels cause anguish, sadness and a greater desire to eat candy or flour. By eating bread, a sweet or chocolate, there is a rapid rise in levels of Serotonin brain and by this mechanism, the sadness turns into joy. And as its production is under the control of sunlight, are active at dusk and clarity is decreasing during the day.

This is why it is so difficult and depressing a situation of separation of the couple while you’re in love. Fortunately there is a wonderful antidote: Chocolate, a food rich in serotonin.

Sources: Revista ELLA

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