The Victory Garden

During World War Two, the government encouraged individuals to contribute to the war effort by providing their own fruits and vegetables. The call to plant “Victory Gardens” was a call to patriotism to do your part. Being as my father was as patriotic as the next man, this particular call was answered by him with great zeal. He immediately began making plans for The Victory Garden. Not an easy task since we lived in the city in a small city house on a small city lot. But my father’s patriotism was second to none so we five kids lost our backyard. Our backyard remained The Victory Garden long after the war ended. Years dimmed my memory of The Victory Garden until the summer of 2005. That was the summer I was diagnosed with breast cancer and a liver problem.

The cancerous tumor was located in a spot that required a mastectomy. The liver problem prevented further cancer treatment. I knew I had to find an alternative treatment for healing. Then I remembered The Victory Garden. My father took great pride in his “fresh, wholesome food.” At that moment I knew I had found my alternative treatment. But I wasn’t a gardener. I never grew a vegetable in my life. In fact, all the flowers around my house were artificial. How do I begin? There must something to genetics because I approached My Victory Garden with the same zeal as my father. Much to the chagrin of my husband, we lost our lanai.

Down from the attic came the storage boxes that were bought, but never used, to put the closets in order. Holes were drilled in the bottom of the boxes for proper drainage. My bemused husband carried cement blocks onto the lanai to place the boxes upon for easy planting and weeding. Several trips to Lowe’s for organic soil and plants and I was in business. My first plantings were several types of tomatoes, several sweet bell pepper plants, cucumbers, potatoes, and summer squash. I supplemented with organic produce from local farm markets and grocery stores. Soon, my entire diet became organic. In six months time, my liver was healed. I have remained on my “fresh, wholesome food” to fight cancer recurrence.

My Victory Garden and I are doing just fine.

Sandy Powers