Home made options for a beauty skin:

The modern lifestyle consumes a lot of body energy, and the natural body processes are unable to produce enough energy to keep us going. Factors like eating too much of fast food, not eating enough natural foods, over-indulgence, using too many medicines, drugs, lack of proper exercise, excess anxiety and pollution etc. further weaken our energy. Thus the vital power of the body which maintains the beauty, luster and glow, will be affected and reduced in the body. This has to be prevented and supplemented in a natural way, wherever possible.

Some simple recipes for a beautiful skin:

  1. Grate raw coconut and squeeze milk out of it. Apply this milk over your lips and face. It adds grace and glow to your skin.
  2. For normal skin mix 1 tablespoon orange juice and 1 tablespoon lemon juice in a cup of yogurt, to make a paste. Apply it on face as a mask and keep it on for 15 minutes. Then clean it off with a wet tissue. This mask enhances the complexion and glow of face.
  3. Exfoliate twice a week to rid your skin of dead cells.
  4. A proteĆ­na mask — Soak a teaspoon of urad dal and 5-6 almonds overnight. Grind this to a fine paste applies this protein mask on face and washes it off after half an hour. This mask nourishes the facial skin and also enhances the complexion.
  5. Home made conditioner: mix one tablespoon of honey and 2-table spoon of cream. Apply this mixture on face and wash it off after few minutes.
  6. Prepare a homogenious mixture of cucumber juice, glycerin and rose water. Apply this mixture on face. This mixture can be refrigerated.
  7. Mix equal quantities of cucumber juice, rose water and lime juice. Wash the face and apply it overnight. Rinse off in the morning. This clears the complexion and keeps it healthy
  8. Take 50 ml. of raw (not boiled) milk and mix a pinch of salt and two teaspoonful of lime juice in it. Use it as a cleansing lotion. It helps to clean the deep pores of skin.
  9. Mix equal quantities of lime juice, glycerin and rose water. This lotion if applied to the face regularly at bed time is very useful in removing pimples, blackheads and other stains of the skin. It makes the skin soft, and can also be applied to other parts of the body.
  10. Take 50 ml. of tomato juice and mix with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the face. It helps to make the skin soft and glowing.

Preventing skin aging in the face

Perhaps one of the greatest fears of people is to age, not in terms of their chronological age but their skin age or how old they appear to other people. The face, being the part that is often seen by people, is a top priority.

Although there are products out there that can help slow down the aging process of the facial skin, you can actually prevent aging through simple and what is more FREE means.

Here are some of those ways.

1. Sleep

Sleep refreshes the body. In fact, it is through sleep that the body regenerates itself and rests for the day. As a standard, an adult should be able to sleep for about 8-9 hours at night. This is why when we lack sleep, our eyes will have dark circles surrounding them.

We will also look tired.. and we will feel it to. The face is the first part of the body where the lack of sleep will be shown. In addition to the dark circles, we will also develop eye bags and sagging skin, which can age your look from 20s to 40s.

2. Eat right

Eating the right kind of food can help the skin fight aging. Balanced diet is the key and also having lots of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamins like Vitamin C and E is essential in skin renewal and maintenance. Also, eating healthy will give you a healthy glow.

3. Relax

Life can be stressful. There is nothing you can do about that but you can certainly do something about the way you respond to stress. Stress, in actuality can be made lessened if you maintain a positive attitude.
You can also attend meditation classes like yoga or any gentle exercise that will help lessen your stress level and center your body. Relaxed muscles will help the skin prevent wrinkles and frown lines.

4. Remove make-up

This is actually only for the girls unless the guys are in professions that need make-up. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t go to sleep without removing your make-up as this can contribute to faster aging of the facial skin.

5. Smile

There is something in a smile that gives you a healthy young glow. Plus, it takes more muscles to smile than to frown so it is better to keep those lips upwards. Smiling also relaxes the muscles of the face and even the whole body, preventing the development of wrinkles so early in life.

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