Fighting Fatigue

by Sandy Powers

My daughter was complaining how tired she is. Kay is in her middle thirties and had just started a new job in Human Resources.

“I am so tired, “she sighed. “I’m dragging through the day. I’m exhausted when I get home from work, I feel like going straight to bed, but when I do, I can’t really sleep. I must be coming down with something.”

“How long have you felt like this,” I asked.

“A couple of weeks,” she answered.

“Well, I think if you were ‘going to come down with something,’ you would have already,” I explained.

Kay’s new job was causing her extra stress. The extra stress was depleting her energy level which could actually end up making her sick. She was not sleeping well, even though she was exhausted. Time to take stock, I told her.

The first priority is to manage the stress. Great stress releasers are exercise and meditation. Too tired to exercise? Even walking? Then begin with meditation.

Meditation: Once a day for 20 minutes, sit in a restful spot—alone. No telephone, no television, no sound distractions. Close the blinds, turn off the bright lights, put your feet up and close your eyes. Picture a restful scene like the beach, the waves of the ocean, the soft rain drops. Many people, like me, choose a mantra, a word or sound with no meaning, to think about when meditating. After the 20 minutes are up—keep a clock nearby —slowly begin coming out of your restful state. Wiggle your toes and fingers before opening your eyes. Take another few minutes before you get up. Meditate any time of the day that is convenient for you, but do it everyday at the same time, if possible. My daughter meditates just before she goes to bed. It helps her to fall asleep. I meditate around noon. It rejuvenates me. Give meditation time. Meditation is a healer of the mind.

Food: Think about the foods you eat. Certain foods are fatigue fighters like Protein and Complex Carbohydrates. Good examples are beans, nuts, whole grains, and, yes, some red meat. Garlic, onions, and artichokes help fight fatigue and also are immune boosters. If you make these foods organic, you will gain extra fatigue fighters.

Sunlight for the finale. Sunlight can aid bone health, immune function, and help regulate blood pressure. As a breast cancer survivor, I make a point to get 20 minutes a day of sunlight without sunscreen to optimize my absorption of Vitamin D. Studies have shown Vitamin D can help fight cancer and a host of other problems. A 20 minute walk during daylight will help you eliminate fatigue.

Meditation, certain foods, and sunlight help your mind and body conquer fatigue. They work. Give them a try.

Sandy Powers

Organic for Health

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