August 2008

Creatine is also beneficial for the treatment of many serious illnesses and diseases. Some of the illnesses that are treated by creatine are : Creatine helps in the treatment of muscle weakness associated with congestive heart failure. It also helps other heart patients by increasing their exercise capacity, reducing heart spasms and thus increasing heart […]

Creatine is found in amino acids (glycine, arginine, and methionine). It is synthesized from these amino acids in the liver, pancreas and kidneys. Muscles take up the majority of the creatine found in the body. It is in the muscle that creatine is converted to phospocreatine, which is necessary for ATP production. Research shows that […]

The deaths of the honeybees results in millions of dollars lost to the economy. More importantly, it can speel disaster for all life.

London – Doctors at a hospital in the northeast of England had to resort to Viagra to save a premature baby from death, indicated on Friday the British news. The specialists successfully administered the product to Lewis Goodfellow, a baby born at 24 weeks’ gestation was not enough oxygen to be able to breathe because […]

Tantra is a spiritual path and a path of sacred sexuality, whereby you come to experience the union of your sexual and spiritual energies. In so doing, you experience the divinity in yourself, your partner and in all of existence. Tantra is concerned with the transformation of energy. It directs us to transform our life-force […]

Canine Distemper is a highly contagious, viral disease which is often fatal. It affects the gastrointestinal, respiratory and central nervous systems. Canine distemper infects dogs but can be found in other animals. Symptoms of Canine Distemper The many signs of distemper are not always typical. Symptoms may include Fever 39C to 41C (103F to 106F) […]

The Dogo Argentino was developed in Argentina in the late 1920s by doctors Antonio and Agustin Nores Martinez, dog enthusiasts and avid hunters. The Dogo Argentino was primarily intended to be used as a hunting dog for puma and jaguar, as well as a guardian and all-around family dog. As a guard dog, the Dogo […]

Life Force International’s Body Balance is a concentrated live whole food antioxidant formula that combines sea vegetation in a base of certified kosher and organic aloe vera juice. This cold processed, highly absorbable ionic formula delivers in trace amounts up to 121 synergistically combined, naturally occurring vital nutrients, including naturally occurring trace quantities of virtually […]

Naturopathy is a system of therapy and treatment which relies exclusively on natural remedies, such as sunlight, air, water, supplemented with diet and therapies such as massage. However, some naturopaths have been known to prescribe such unnatural treatments as colon hydrotherapy for such diseases as asthma and arthritis. Naturopathy is based on the belief that […]

THE PROBLEM: Soil Depletion and Our Food Today “Minerals in the soil control the metabolism of cells in plants, animals and man….” “Diseases are created chiefly by destroying the harmony reigning among mineral substances present in infinitesimal amounts in air, water, but most importantly, soil.” Dr. Alexis Carrel, 1912 Nobel Prize Winner, Medicine During World […]

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