September 2008

By Steven Hefferon, CMT PTA Would you have back pain if every part of your body were perfect? The answer has to be… No, it’s pretty safe to say you wouldn’t have any pain if your body were perfectly aligned, perfectly balanced and in a perfect state of being. But here’s the thing—you don’t have […]

This type of immunotherapy may be safer than subcutaenous injections For people who are strongly allergic to bee venom, desensitization using sublingual (i.e., under-the-tongue) immunotherapy may be safer than immunotherapy injection, according to a proof-of-concept clinical trial conducted in Italy. “Our research opens a new possible application of sublingual immunotherapy, which was never proposed for hymenoptera […]

People who don´t think life is worth living are 50 percent more likely to die from any cause, reserarch from Japan shows. The increased death risk was mainly due to cardiovascular disease and external causes – most commonly, suicide. The research by Dr. Toshimasa Sone and colleagues from the Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine […]

Cooking with integral ingredients daily is easy and healthy . An integral diet is  based in using natural ingredients unrefined, rich in vital nutrients. Using whole grains for the development of breads, puddings, cookies or cakes, is a good initiative. The same applies to sugar. Using brown or blonde sugar is much better, but always in small […]

You´ve done training – now you have to run the race. Here are our top ten tips to help you succeed in any big city marathon. Be determined to finish. Your mind needs to be as strong as your body! Don´t give up unless you have an injury. Check all your gear carefully three or […]

Fish oil appears to protect better Munich – Fish oil supplements may work slightly better than a popular cholesterol-reducing drug to help patients with chronic heart failure, according to new research. Chronic heart failure is a condition that occurs when the heart becomes enlarged and cannot pump blood efficiently around the body. In a four-year […]

There is a lot of information in a web about acne. The problems of acne is usually experienced by youngsters, because it is a stage where the hormones are a little revolts. Conventional treatments for acne are usually quite successful. They can include cleansing agents and lotions made with benzoyl peroxide, gels or creams made […]

The scenario for fighting diseases and building healthier immune systems with certain foods exists in all cultures.

They were introduced in Europe during the Roman Empire and current research confirms that Italy was the first country where they were cultivated. They have very beneficial properties such as their high vitamina B1 and B6 content. And while they are a classic for Christmas festivities, they can be used in many recipes year round. […]

An U.S. study warns that eating and drinking many foods made from soybeans, which contain isoflavones, weaken the quality of male sperm. Apparently, not only soybeans could cause damage to soil, but its consumption also affect sexuality of men. Many studies in animals showed the relationship between consumption of soybeans and fewer sperm, especially in […]

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