Fortunately, skin cancer is one of the most curable forms of the disease when it is discovered early, so immediate detection is your best defense.

The most recognizable warning sings indicating that cells may have mutated are inusual bleeding, sores that won´t heal, any obvious changes in warts, moles, or other marks on the skin, ando f course , any inusual growths.

The American Cancer Society sets up screenings regularly, but it´s best to check at least monthly at home for any kind of skin anomaly.

How do you do a self examination? Carefully look at your freckles, moles,blemishes, birthmarks, and other spots .

As soon as you notice something new or different , such as a change in shape, size or color, see a doctor or dermatologist inmediately, even if you have been diligent in protecting yourself against the sun´s rays.

If you remember to shield yourself from overexposure to that golden glow , you can bake to your heart´s content and still prevent any incidente of skin cancer .


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